Coex Mall – Popular Tourist Destination to Go Shopping in Seoul When You Visit Korea

Shopping, Eating, Entertainment In One Place.  You Won't Know Its Winter In December.

Starfield COEX Mall Entrance to Starfield COEX Library

Yes! The Entrance to Starfield COEX Mall. Time to Get Out of Cold.

COEX Mall is considered the largest underground shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea. The super-gigantic-enormous mall is located in Gangnam central, at the intersection of Teheranno and Yeongdong Dae-ro, with the Seoul Metro Line Number 2 stopping at Samseong Station which connects to COEX Mall. Samseong Station is only 3 stops away from Jamsil Station, Jamsil Station connects directly to Lotte World.

The COEX Center hosts over 200 exhibitions and over several thousand international events each year. My favorite is the Seoul Auto Salon, which is held every year.  The COEX houses the COEX Mall and the COEX MICE.  This includes the hotels, tourist attractions, shopping mall, entertainment areas, etc.

The mall is also known as Starfield COEX Mall and contains just about everything a tourist would need. You never need to leave the mall, there is so much to see and do. It is a one-stop mall that will cater to everyone's tastes.

COEX Mall Mega Box Official Marvel Store

Official Marvel Store Enter 6. Has Nice Marvel Merchandise. Bring Extra Cash.

The mall contains the COEX Aquarium, South Korea’s largest Aquarium containing over 40,000 creatures from some 650 species. Also located inside the COEX Mall is convention centers, exhibition halls, stores, restaurants, playground, boutiques, a movie theater, video game center, serving as a complete food, entertainment and cultural area for tourists and locals alike. Inside the COEX Mega Box theater is the Official Marvel Store, with a life size figure of Iron Man greeting you at the entrance!

It is rumored that Korean celebrities often shop at the COEX Mall. You will know it when you see a crowd of young fans following them with their telephoto DSLR cameras. 

If you are lucky, you will meet a famous Korean celebrity or celebrities holding autograph sessions. TV broadcasts are also filmed at the COEX Mall, making the place where shopping and eating is just the beginning.

It has an area of over 154,000 square meters, 144,000 square meters of it is on one single underground floor located beneath Samsung-dong Trade Centre. This makes it one of the world’s largest underground shopping mall. The gigantic-enormous shopping mall goes from Samseong station to north, reaching Bongeunsa Temple, all underground.

COEX Mall Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant

Koreans Waiting To Eat Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.  Restaurants Are Packed.

I found it challenging to choose where to eat due to the sheer numbers of restaurant choices there was. Yes, there are that many restaurants located inside the COEX Mall. No joke.

I saw Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Western-style restaurants as well as fast food, Pizza Hut, Cold Stone Creamery, cafes and more. You can dine and enjoy traditional Korean cuisine to fast foods. The Hyundai Department Store’s food courts located in the basement also connects to the COEX Mall.

Locating a digital navigation guide map showing you where you are inside the mall is something you will need to use. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find places like the movie theater, COEX Mall and COEX Aquarium. Handily, these navigation aids are placed strategically throughout the mall.

Walking about the COEX Mall has an upscale feel.  Perhaps its because the Seoul Parnas hotel and InterContinental Seoul COEX hotel is located very close by. The IHG Seoul COEX hotel connects directly to the COEX Mall from its lobby area.  Seoul Parnas hotel also links to it from underground as well as from street level, going to the mall's front main entrance and side entrances.

COEX Mall Underground Stores

This Part of the Mall Felt Peaceful.  Did I Mention I Am Still Underground?  

If entertainment is what you are looking for, then head over to the events area, where concerts, performances, and celebrity visits are staged. Check out the bookstore, Mega Box movie theater, COEX aquarium, duty-free shops and a casino named “Seven Luck Casino”, for those that have an itch for gambling.

When I was at the Casino, I saw many Thai, Indonesians, and Chinese gambling at the place.  The casino connects underground directly to the mall by elevator and stairs. If reading is your thing, then visit the Starfield Library located inside Starfield COEX Mall and enjoy a quiet time reading your favorite book or magazine.

For those seeking traditional Korean crafts, the Haneol Craft store is located in the COEX Mall.  The store carries traditional Korean handmade crafts.

Starfield COEX Mall Library Store.

Starfield COEX Mall Library Store. I Would Want My Personal Library to Have This Look. How Do They Get Books That Are On the Middle Shelves?

Realistically, you can do all your shopping, eating, and entertainment without leaving the COEX Mall.  That really is great during the cold winter months of South Korea.

For those that are KPop fanatics, located right next door to the Starfield COEX Mall is the recently opened COEX Artium SMTown Museum.  It showcases SM Entertainment’s Korean Hallyu Wave KPop culture success, SNSD Girls Generation being one.

The COEX complex has become a vital business pillar in Seoul for businesses, government, tourists, and locals.  The place attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors each day, bringing in a steady stream of business.

The COEX Mall is definitely one of Gangnam’s top shopping mecca destinations, a must visit for those in Seoul Korea.  Be sure to visit the COEX Mall when you come to South Korea!  Perhaps, I will see you, and we can greet each other.

Directions: Samseong Station (Take Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 5 or 6. Samseong Station has an exit that takes you straight to COEX Mall. If you get off at Bongeunsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 9)leave Exit 6, Cross the road and walk left (south) for 120 m to get to COEX Mall.

Address: Center of Central Plaza, Starfield COEX Mall, B1-1F, 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Asian Girl and Her Cute Puppy.

Asian Girl and Her Cute Puppy Looking At Each Other.

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