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7 Members Fro​m 7 Asian Countries

Z-Girls Collage Image.  Credit: Zenith Media Contents

Z-Girls Collage Image. Credit: Zenith Media Contents

Z-Girls and Z-Boys, a debuting upcoming international idol group from the launch project 'Z-Pop Dream Project' each finally have the 7th member.  They are, drum roll please, for Z-Girls it is Mahiro, and for Z-Boys it is Gai. This means that their debut is closer that ever!

Way back in January 17, 2019, members of Z-Pop Dream Live in Seoul (also known as Z-Pop Dream) were revealed. They revealed Z-Girls and Z-Boys would each include 7 members from 7 different Asian countries around the world. The CEO of Zenith Media Contents said that the “Z” represented the Z-Generation.

The label Z-Pop Dream Project’s ambition is to unite Asia and to debut the talents with collaboration with K-Pop talents. Through the promotion of these international talents, it is hoped for continued cultural appreciation, exchanges, and pride between the Asian countries.

The CEO of Zenith Media Contents, Kang Joon, said, “Through Z-Pop Dream, we intend to start up a concert brand that will unite Asia as a whole. These Z-pop stars are a collaboration between this Asian unity and K-pop stars. We will become a platform to promote them and help them become world stars, as well as a platform where Asia can become one through cultural exchange.”

Everyone knew 6 out of 7 members from both Z-Girls and Z-Boys:
From Z-Girls - Bell, Carlyn, Joanne, Priyanka, Queen, and Vanya.
From Z-Boys - Blink, Josh, Mavin, Perry, Roy, and Sid.
Now, Zenith Media Contents has revealed the 7th members of Z-Girls and Z-Boys.

Z Boys From Z-POP Dream Project.  Credit: Photo by Zenith Media Contents.

Z Boys From Z-POP Dream Project. Credit: Photo by Zenith Media Contents.

Guess what?  They debut February 23, 2019!  If you are in South Korea, get you’re your tickets!  They are debuting at the 'Z-Pop Dream Live in Seoul' concert.  Rain, Mosta X, Apink, and many more other K-POP artists are also featured to perform at Z-POP Dream Live Seoul in February 23, 2019.  What a way to start off Z-POP!  Good thinking!

Ever wonder how the members of both Z-Girls and Z-Boys were selected?  They were selected through the use of something called the blockchain.  What is blockchain? 

Back in September 2, 2018, the Korean Herald published an article about Z-Pop Dream and the use of blockchain technology to find the next K-pop superstar.  Z-Pop Dream is a Korean global entertainment company headquartered in South Korea.  Founded and setup by Jun Kan, a veteran in the music industry, this use of the blockchain technology is expected to accelerate a new star.

This technology is based off the Etereum blockchain platform, allowing fans of Z-PoP to vote for their favorite singers at events, auditions, award ceremonies.

The technology is being used to set up something called the “Star-creation Infrastructure,” allowing the Korean entertainment company, Z-POP Dream, to find Asian talents in initially 10 places: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Here is their official twitter.

The goal is to be able to replicate the immense success of K-Pop by bringing the knowledge of the K-PoP industry veterans to these countries and create Z-POP.  Fans will have a crucial role to play.

Z-POP Dream has received a lot of support, encouragement with excitement from K-POP stars like Momoland, Park Hae Jin, Delay, and Shin Hyun-Joon, just to name a few.  Z-POP will be at the forefront of the Z-Generation, uniting various Asian countries into a new form of POP, the Z-POP

There is a lot of work ahead for them if they want to fill the stadiums like SNSD, BlackPink, Red Velvet, BTS, and Gfriends.

What do you think about Zenith Media ContentsZ-POP Project?  What do you think about Z-POP?

VIDEO:  Z-Girls Hongdae Pre-Debut Before Z-POP Dream Live Seoul 2019

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It’s you that assists in keeping us motivated to stick up overdue throughout the night time burning the candles and writing.  This was a “Z-Boys and Z-Girls Final Members Revealed!”, by Gyopo “TactiCool Reloaded” Oppa.  Sarang Haey Yo!  See You Subsequent Time! Preventing!

DISCLAIMER: The paragraphs above is my attempt at KorEanglish humor.  I am a Korean-American, so I believe it is ok to poke a little humorous fun at this.  If you don’t like it, then don’t read the paragraphs above.  Too late, you already done it.

Asian Girl Carrying Younger Brother
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Glad Live Gangnam Hotel Review. How Is It? Thu, 21 Feb 2019 10:32:06 +0000

Unbiased, Unsponsored.  Who Cares?  Hopefully You.

Breakfast at Glad Live Seoul Gangnam Hotel

I got the chance to stay at the Glad Live Gangnam, a category 4 hotel.  The hotel category rating system starts from 1 to 5, with 1 being worst and 5 being the best.  The hotel is part of the SPG Design Hotels.

You will find the hotel at 223 Bongeunsa-ro, Seoul, 06109 in South Korea. The hotel is located in the middle of a busy city block in Seoul, which I thought was weird. My first thought was that the hotel could have been built at a better location. However, Seoul is known for its busy modern streets.

It is a challenge to get to the hotel if you are driving a car.  Walking, getting a taxi, riding a bus and even taking the train is easier to get to the hotel.  If it is your first time staying at the hotel and you are driving, it might be a overwhelming experience.

I booked a three (3) day stay at the hotel for 108,500 won a day for a total of 358,050 won and tax was included.  That is about $328 total. I got a Standard twin bed separated non-smoking room.  I even got to use my SPG member benefits.  So what was the benefits like with the SPG Gold Elite Status at Glad Live Gangnam Hotel?

SPG Membership Status With The SPG American Express Card

I charged it to my SPG American Express Card. I have SPG Gold Elite Status with both the SPG American Express and American Express Platinum, it didn't seem I got anything.  The receptionist said I would get a free gift, but I didn't see it in the room.  The room was booked as a twin and that's what I got.  I paid the complimentary breakfast rate and that's what I got.  The SPG Gold Elite Status didn't seem to give me any perks at the hotel.  The parking is W5,000 for each time you park the car and take it.

Glad Live Seoul Gangnam Room View

What Did I Get Included With My Stay Each Day?

Check in was 15:00 PM. It was a bit disappointing because I thought it would be earlier. Hotel check in time is standard at 16:00 so it wasn’t bad.

Complimentary Breakfast each day of your stay (W25,000 value) - The food is actually good. There was a good selection of food, bacon, eggs, hash browns, salad, fruits, rice porridge, soup, cheese cake, mini croissants, coffee, apple juice, pear juice, water, milk, cereal and more.

Free Wi-Fi in the room. It was adequate to stream youtube videos and netflix.

The gym is 24/7.  A bit small, but I liked it because there was no one there 03:00 AM in the morning working out.

Air conditioning and heating works good.

The bed was very comfortable.  I had the choice of two beds in the room.  I used the right bed to place my clothes and camera gear.  I slept on the left bed, since it was right next to the window.

As usual with hotels, I expected to see the mini bar, and I wasn't disappointed.  The mini bar was there.  I didn't touch anything from the mini bar because they are overpriced.

There was a mini fridge with a see through door containing two daily complimentary water bottles.  I took those.  It is free after all the money I spent staying at the hotel.

Glad Live Seoul Gangnam Breakfast Lounge

I went to a local mini store that was about 100 feet away. Go through the hotel’s main entrance, take a right and it is located about 100 feet away.  I stocked up on groceries from there.  I bought W40,000 of grocery.  That was better than spending W40,000 for a dinner at the Glad Live Gangnam.  The prices of their eatery within the hotel is a bit expensive.

The main receptionist lobby is located on the 4th floor.  You check in at the hotel on the 4th floor.  The 2nd and 3rd floors 3 contains the art market.  The hotel’s restaurant and the complimentary breakfast is located on the 1st floor.  The main entrance is on the 1st floor as well.  The ground floor and 1st floor can be used interchangeably if that gets you understand.  They have a valet parking service if you have a car.  Just give them the keys and they will valet park it. 

The Good

  1.  Good Breakfast
  2.  Fast Wi-Fi
  3.  Within a lot of places in Seoul

The Bad

  1.  Little to No SPG Gold Elite Perks
  2.  Had to negotiate the busy street when leaving or entering the hotel.

Final Thoughts

The hotel does its best to provide a unique experience, but you would have to book a stay there and see for yourself.  It's a great place to stay at the last minute when you need a hotel room fast and quick.  As for me, I rather stay at the IHG COEX, Seoul Parnas, Banyan Tree.  

Asian Girl Bonding With Her Puppy

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It’s you that assists in keeping us motivated to stick up overdue throughout the night time burning the candles and writing.  This was a “Glad Live Gangnam Hotel Review.  How Is It?”, by Gyopo “TactiCool Reloaded” Oppa. Sarang Haey Yo!  See You Subsequent Time!  Preventing!

DISCLAIMER: The paragraphs above is my attempt at KorEanglish humor.  I am a Korean-American, so I believe it is ok to poke a little humorous fun at this.  If you don’t like it, then don’t read the paragraphs above.  Too late, you already done it.

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Marriott Seoul Times Square Hotel, Better Than You Think Mon, 18 Feb 2019 06:30:52 +0000

Awesome Hotel and Mall Combination

Courtyard Seoul Times Square Street View

The 16-story Courtyard By Marriott Seoul Times Square Hotel has 283 rooms that come with a combination bedroom and living area, room climate control, LCD TV, a laptop safe, mini refrigerator, a spacious modern bathroom and soundproof windows. There is a fitness gym, rooftop terrace, tennis court, and Avante Garde arts can be discovered throughout the hotel.

The Courtyard Marriott Seoul Times Square Hotel is on the top floors of Times Square Shopping Mall, the shopping mall is visited by thousands of tourists and Koreans each day.

Since its opening it has been showcased and visited by Korean TV shows, famous celebrities, and Youtubers. The popular Korean TV variety show “The Running Man” held episodes at the Seoul Times Square.

Merely 13 km or 7.8 miles away from the 4-star Courtyard By Marriot Seoul Times Square Hotel is SM Entertainment.

Seoul Times Square Hotel is about 20 minutes' drive away from Gimpo airport. Gimpo airport is about 20 minutes drive to Seoul Times Square Hotel.

Courtyard Seoul Times Square is located at 15 Yeongjung-ro, Yeondeungpo-gu, Seoul. The nightlife, attractions, and other places of interest is very close by.

I've wanted to check that hotel since I saw it at a few youtube videos from Youtubers that shared what Seoul Times Square looked like. I liked the idea of the hotel being right within the Mall, with everything a short walking distance around it.

Courtyard Seoul Times Square Marriot Standard Room View 3

Where Is the Courtyard Seoul Times Square Hotel Located?

The hotel is located within or on top of the fifth floor of Seoul Times Square Mall. The mall is huge, and I almost got lost a few times. If you aren't careful and just walk around the mall, you may find yourself far away from your original entrance.

The hotel Courtyard Seoul Times Square is difficult to find for first timers that are looking for the hotel. It took me 30 minutes to find the hotel, even after looking at the map and information booth kiosks located throughout the mall.

The hotel occupies part of the Times Square Mall starting on the fifth floor. It does have a ground street level entrance, which I didn't find. I didn't find it because I drove straight to one of the underground parking entrances. I thought it would be easy to see the hotel elevator at the underground parking entrances. For first timers to any place, it isn't. After being there, I can now say that I can get my way around.

I found myself parking my car and finding myself at the sub-basement floors. The floors had stores, restaurants, whatever you wanted to buy or eat, you might see at one of the sub-basement floors. However, the mall is many stories high.

I discovered Starbucks and the Shinsegae Department Store while going up and down the escalators and all throughout the mall looking for the hotel. At one point, I was getting frustrated because I didn't know where the hotel was. 

Courtyard Seoul Times Square Marriot Standard Room View

At this point 30 minutes into my search, I could tell you where the CGV movie theater, Starbucks, Shinsegae Department Store, Smoothie King, Krispy Kremes, and where even the bathroom was, but not the hotel.  I was getting angry and frustrated.  Lucky, I wasn't Bruce Banner, because the Mall wouldn't have been in one piece.  I had asked directions from mall security, cleaners, shoppers, and also google mapped it on my Galaxy Note 8, and finally found the hotel by accident.  The entrance to the hotel is located at a courtyard of sorts, with a tiny sign that says, Marriott.

Now, I can find it if I had to go back.

The hotel is partners with the Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) program and I am a Gold Elite member because I hold an SPG Amex Card.  Not the new SPG Luxury American Express Card that has a heretical $450 annual fee.  I have the card that is a $95 annual fee.  No way, I will be canceling this card anytime soon.

I didn't pay the room rate in cash.  I must be a genious prodigy.  Instead, I redeemed 25,000 points for a 1-night stay.  My room type was City View with a 1 king or double bed on a high floor, espresso machine included.

Complimentary Parking or Valet Parking is W20,000 each day. What?  $19.30 for someone to park my car?  No way.  I drove my Camaro down to the parking lot myself.

The Fitness Gym is open 24/7.  There was no one there at 06:30 and I did a little weight lifting and left.  It’s not a big gym.  They had two weight machines, a rack of dumbbells, elliptical and treadmills.

The breakfast was regally good.  There was a lot of food selections, drinks, coffee, and desserts.  A chef was there making omelets and scrambled eggs for people.  The breakfast cost W31,000 or roughly $27.  I don't think I ate nearly W31,000.  Not even W20,000 worth of food.  Coffee and bagel is what I would have had from Starbucks in the morning, and that would have cost me W8,000 and I would have been good with it.

The hotel was clean and bright wherever I went.  Better than some other hotel that I have been to where the hallways had black wall panels, doors and looked something like a scene from a horror film.

Courtyard Seoul Times Square Mini Refrigerator

What I Got Or Didn't Get As A SPG Gold Elite Member

Since I was a Gold Elite member, I got late checkout time for 14:30, no later. I couldn't get 16:00 PM since the hotel was busy and needed the rooms.

There are no laundry room facilities for self-laundry.

Free Premium Wi-Fi.  Same as all the other hotels in South Korea.

Complimentary Fitness Gym Access.  Same as all the other hotels in South Korea.

I got 2 free complimentary water bottles and a small 6 chocolate ball package as a complimentary gift.

No complimentary lunch.  I had to pay W31,000 daily rate.

A nice city view.

The espresso machine in the room didn't work.  I followed everything showed in the picture, but no coffee came out.  I even put water in the machine water container, thinking it needed water to make the coffee.  Since I wasn't on a starship, I realized that the espresso machine didn't automatically make the water along with the coffee cup.  

That's pretty much what I have to write about the Courtyard Seoul Times Square. 

Courtyard Seoul Times Square Marriot Standard Room View 2

Would I Stay Here Again?

Yes. The hotel room felt modern, clean, and bright.  While inside the hotel room I was staying in, I felt inspired to write this post inside the room, as weird as that sounds.  I actually wanted to write while inside the hotel room.  Maybe because I knew everything is located conveniently close by the hotel and I was so excited.

Is It Worth The Money?

If you want to be within Seoul Times Square Mall, then go ahead and reserve a room.  There are other hotels around the Mall, but Courtyard Seoul Times Square by Marriott offers convenience to the Mall’s entertainment and shopping.  The Mall is literally right outside the hotels main lobby entrance doors.  Just walk out the entrance, and you have CGV Movie Theater to the left and the Shinsegae Department Store and the Seoul Times Square Mall to your right.  All within a short walking distance of less than 1 minute or 5 seconds if you are a fast runner.

Asian Girl Bonding With Her Puppy

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It’s you that assists in keeping us motivated to stick up overdue throughout the night time burning the candles and writing.  This was a “Courtyard by Marriott Seoul Times Square Hotel – It’s Even Better Than You Think”, by Gyopo “TactiCool Reloaded” Oppa.  Sarang Haey Yo!  See You Subsequent Time!  Preventing!

DISCLAIMER:  The paragraphs above is my attempt at KorEanglish humor.  I am a Korean-American, so I believe it is ok to poke a little humorous fun at this.  If you don’t like it, then don’t read the paragraphs above.  Too late, you already done it.  🙂  

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Yuehua Entertainment Announces New Girl Group, Reveals Teaser. Sun, 17 Feb 2019 20:01:43 +0000

But We Gathered More Info!

Yue Hue Entertainment Logo

It looks like Yuehua Entertainment is debuting a new girl group very soon!

Yuehua Entertainment, founded in 2009, (Chinese: 乐华娱乐) (Korean: 위에화 엔터테인먼트) is a privately owned entertainment group and talent agency housing multinational talents and the agency is based in Beijing, China.

Yuehua Entertainment has strategic partnerships with Korean entertainment agencies Pledis Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and Starship Entertainment.

Yuehua established a Korean branch of the entertainment company in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea in 2014.  Their plan was to expand their Korean entertainment business plans.  Looks like their plans have come to fruition.

On February 18, 2019, Yuehua Entertainment revealed that a new girl group called Everglow was “coming soon.”  The agency also opened the staff ( and girl group‘s ( Official Twitter accounts, Instagram (, and fan cafe accounts.  There isn't a lot of details that the agency is revealing except for a short sneak peek at the spinning girl groups logo.  

Your Gyopo "TactiCool Reloaded" Oppa has done some research and knows two of the Everglow members.  See below for who they are.

The girl group Everglow is to include trainees Kim Si Hyeon from 'After School' and Wang Yi Ren from 'Produce 48', as well as other girls that we don't know about yet because they haven't been been revealed.  They will be revealed soon enough! 

Everglow Logo

The agency label has revealed the logo for the group, which includes the upper case Greek letter sigma as the 'E', and an upside down lower case delta for the 'g'.  The two letters are suppose to signify summation and change, and the logo as a whole represents that all of the members' different individual charms will come together and create a whole new look for the group.  

Yuehua Entertainment is an influential agency, housing artists such as WJSN (Cosmic Girls in joint partnership with Starship),  X Euiwoong from Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” former Super Junior member Hangeng, UNIQ, NEX7, IZ*ONE’s Choi Ye Na, as well as numerous actors and actresses, INCLUDING Han Hyo Joo, Lee Do Hyun, Jin Goo, Nana and Jung Il Woo.

WOW!  I didn't know Han Hyo Joo was with Yuehua Entertainment! She is a beautiful actress who I remember best from her appearance in the Korean TV variety show series, 'The Runnin Man.'

Stay tuned at The Seoul of Korea for more details on Everglow as soon as more news comes out!

Asian Girl Bonding With Her Puppy

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It’s you that assists in keeping us motivated to stick up overdue throughout the night time burning the candles and writing. This was a “Yuehua Entertainment Announces New Girl Group, Reveals Teaser”, by Gyopo “TactiCool Reloaded” Oppa.  Sarang Haey Yo!  See You Subsequent Time!  Preventing!

DISCLAIMER: The paragraphs above is my noob attempt at KorEanglish humor.  I am a Korean-American, so I believe it is ok to poke a little humorous fun at this.  If you don’t like it, then don’t read the paragraphs above.  Too late, you already done it.

Is The American Express Hilton Aspire Card Worth The $450 Annual Fee? Mon, 04 Feb 2019 05:47:01 +0000 image from

Nice Standard Hotel Room.

My Hilton Aspire Credit Card Experience And Perks Review

On September 2018, I decided to go visit Seoul.  I live about 1 hour from Seoul. There was a good reason why I had to go to Seoul.  I was meeting a friend that I haven't seen for over 10 years.  I wanted to stay in Seoul that weekend but didn't want to spend any money to stay at a hotel.  I finally looked at the American Express Aspire Card that was buried in my wallet.

It was about time that I took a closer look at my American Express Hilton Aspire Card.  It is an American Express card linked to the Hilton Honors member program.  I had applied for the card back in January 2018, the first month it came out.  It was considered to be the next hotel travel card that would set new standards.  I decided it was about time to use the card and see what it could do.

The card has many perks that appealed to many people, including me. There was one benefit that I wanted to use that I had received from the Hilton Aspire Card, staying one night free certificate.  It allows the account holder to stay one weekend night for free.  To get this benefit, you have to use the certificate on a friday, saturday or sunday.

I intended on staying for two nights.  Luckily, I had additional points to use.  I wasn't spending money for this stay.  

image from

American Express Hilton Aspire Card

I called the customer representative number exclusive for Hilton Aspire Credit Card Holders, 1-800-446-6677.  I pressed number 5 to get to the customer representative, and I explained my desire for a hotel stay as a Hilton Aspire card holder.

She transferred me to the reservation department, and a few minutes later I was talking to a reservation customer representative.  I began to feel like a rich Korean Chaebol kid at this point.

A reservation customer representative began talking on the phone and started with a hello.

I expressed my wish to use the reward certificate to stay in Seoul that Saturday.  I was also logged into my Hilton Aspire Account and looking at the hotels I wanted to stay at.  I told here that my first choice was the Millenium Hotel, but the customer representative said that the hotel didn't participate in the free reward certificate on that day.

image from

Nice Sunrise To Wake Up To Every Morning In Seoul, South Korea.

The only one that had participation was the Conrad Hotel, and it was for Sunday to Monday. Well, I needed a hotel today, which was Saturday.  She looked on her computer screen and said only Conrad Hotel was participating in the reward night certificate. Guess I should have known, cause most or some hotels did not accept last minute reward night certificate rewards.

The customer representative said that I could use the reward night certificate for standard room rates only for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. This was perfect because I wanted to stay at a hotel from Saturday to Monday.

That day I had a reservation at the Conrad Hotel.  I couldn't wait and had feelings of anticipation.  This was going so well.  I was going to meet my friend after all.

To stay there saturday to sunday, I decided to use points since I had a lot of them.  She said she would be able to book me Saturday to Sunday at the same hotel I was using the reward night certificate. So, I stayed saturday to sunday with points and sunday to monday with the free night certificate.

image from

Use The Card To Stay At The Lotte World Hotel Signiel!

Important Information About Using the Free Weekend Certificate

If I don't show up to use the certificate on Sunday:

1. My Hilton Aspire credit card will get charged a standard room rate.
2. The reward night certificate gets credited back to my Hilton Aspire Account.

NOTE: I have until Sunday, midnight to cancel or modify without any penalties by calling 1-800-446-6677.

image from

Sunset In Seoul, South Korea. There Is Always Another Sunrise Tomorrow!

Back To My Reservation

The reservation customer service representative put me on hold for a few minutes, and when she came back on the phone, a confirmation number was sent to my email address. She gave me the confirmation number over the phone also.

I asked her when I could check in and it was 4PM.  Also, I was given free complimentary breakfast and a free Category Room Upgrade upon check-in since I was a Hilton Aspire Diamond Member.

So, I reserved a hotel night stay using points on the same day I needed the hotel stay and used the reward night certificate for the next day. Pretty awesome I think.  I began to feel like a Korean Chaebol rich kid. Thanks Hilton Aspire!

I stayed at the hotel, met my friend I haven't seen for 10 years.  It was one of those times that makes me realize how short life is and take for granted.   

Is The Hilton Aspire Card Worth It?

Yes.  But friendship is way more valuable.

image from

Asian Girl And Her Puppy Together For A Photo Shoot

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It is you that keeps us motivated to stay up late through the night burning the candles and writing.  This was a "Is The American Express Hilton Aspire Card Worth The $450 Annual Fee?", by Gyopo "TactiCool Reloaded" Oppa.  Sarang Haey Yo!  See You Next Time! Fighting!

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Which K-pop singers are coming back in February? Sun, 03 Feb 2019 04:56:00 +0000

By Dong Sun-hwa

February is expected to be a month of excitement for K-pop followers, with a myriad of prominent singers gearing up to return. Included in the line-up are Monsta X, SF9 and Loona.

1. Monsta X

K-pop boy group Monsta X will return in February with a fresh album. Courtesy of Starship Entertainment

Monsta X, a seven-member K-pop boy band, will return in February only four months after the release of its latest album “Take. 1 ARE YOU THERE” in October. The team had sweet success with the lead track “Shoot Out” last year, winning a Korean music show for the first time since the group’s debut in 2015.

The septet ― Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M ― also made history on the music scene by becoming the first K-pop group to stage gigs at iHeartRadio’s annual Jingle Ball. They played at concerts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Boston and Philadelphia last year.

2. SF9

K-pop boy band SF9 will also return next month. Courtesy of FNC Entertainment

It has taken about six months for boy band SF9 to return with a fresh album, although its agency, FNC Entertainment, said details had not yet been finalized.

The nine-member band comprised of Inseong, Jaeyoon, Zuho, Youngbin, Dawon, Hwiyoung, Rowoon, Taeyang and Chani boasted its masculinity in July with its mini-album “Sensuous.”

In particular, Chani, whose real name is Kang Chan-hee, has risen as a pivotal member of the band after being featured in the JTBC drama “SKY Castle,” one of the hottest TV series in Korea, revolving around the nation’s educational fever.

“Both singing and acting are my jobs and dreams,” he said in a recent interview with media outlets. “As a member of SF9, I hope our group can win on a music show and make the top 100 chart for digital releases.”

3. Loona

K-pop girl band Loona will return with a fresh album. Courtesy of Blockberry Creative

Rookie K-pop girl band Loona is also coming back next month with a dreamy concept. Blockberry Creative, which manages this 12-member group, has already unveiled teasers on its social media, giving followers a glimpse of the upcoming album.

With its first and second teaser videos both featuring butterfly, fans are speculating on its correlation with the upcoming album.

The team’s members ― Hee Jin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, Vivi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye ― will disclose the entire numbers included in the album on Feb 16 and 17, when they hold the concert at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

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Is The American Express Platinum Card Worth It? Sat, 02 Feb 2019 01:09:46 +0000 image from

You Can Swim, Rest, Sleep, Eat All At One Place.

My Review After One Year And How To Get The Most Value The First Year And Every Card Member Year Afterwards.

Did you read "Everything About The American Express Platinum Card?"  If you have, great.  If not, perhaps you should go read that. My review and decision about the Platinum Card by American Express after one year is based off that post and my experience using the card.

The perks that come with the American Express Platinum Card is many.  But I think you will agree that quality is better than quantity. From the beginning, I decided to get the card based off the monetary returns and perks.  The perks seemed to surpass the $550 annual fee. So does it?  I'm going to start from my beginning.

Meeting The Monthly Spend To Get The Bonus Points The First Year As A Card Member

First, I made sure I earned the 60,000 bonus points for spending $5,000 within 3 months.  It was guaranteed for me because I used the American Express Platinum Card for all my monthly expenses and purchases.  In addition, I used the Amex Platinum Card to make all other purchases.  I met the requirement in two months.  Here were my monthly expenses:

  • Food
  • Gas
  • Cellphone
  • Broadband Internet
  • Entertainment Expenses
  • Miscellaneous Expenses (Groceries other than food)
  • Purchases (Digital Camera and UAV)

The money I spent was money I would have spent.  I liked the idea of getting something back in return for spending my money, the American Express bonus points.  I transferred these points to my Kris Flyer account and was able to purchase a one way ticket, Singapore Airlines Suites Class, from New York (JFK) to Singapore Airport (SIN).  The bonus points were critical to getting a Singapore Airlines Suites Class ticket because a one way ticket from JFK to SIN on January 2019 costs over $8,500.  I only spent $1,000 to get the remaining Kris Flyer points I needed to get a ticket on a Singapore Suites Class.

image from

Nice Briefcase. Looking For It To Buy.

American Express Platinum Card Perks I Used The Very First Year As A Card Member

Uber:  I used Uber from November 2017 to April 2018.  That was $110 value.

Priority Pass Select:  The annual membership fee starts at $300 and the next level costs $429.  This year in 2018, I stayed at over 10 Priority Pass Select lounges in New York, Japan, Singapore, San Francisco, Vietnam, and Korea.  If you check the annual fee at Priority Pass Select website, only the $429 annual membership fee gives that privilege.  The $299 membership only gives you 10 visits.  So, I give this perk a monetary value of $429 each year.

NOTE: Just by adding the Uber and Priority Pass Select, I have gotten a monetary benefit of $539 from the American Express Platinum Card annual fee of $550.  

National Car Rental:  I rented a car at New York because I got to JFK one day before my Singapore Airlines Suites Class flight from New York (JFK) to Singapore (SIN).  I had a hotel reservation outside the airport.  I was able to select a car from a Special Selection as an Emerald member.  A complimentary Emerald member, thanks to American Express Platinum Card.  

Collision Damage Waiver: I refused the car rental collision damage waiver at New York.  I also refused the collision damage waiver for 3 weeks in South Korea, saving over $300. 

Airline Travel Credit: I read that travel ticket vouchers could be purchased directly from partner airlines.  So I chose Delta Airlines as the airline choice for the year and bought 4 travel voucher tickets on Delta's website on November 2017.  It was in $50 increments.  A total of $200.  To my surprise, the purchase was reimbursed by American Express.  It took less than one billing statement.  This may have been changed since November 2017.  Please comment down below if you are able to purchase airline vouchers and get reimbursed.  

I didn't mention American Express Platinum Card's complimentary gold SPG and gold Hilton Honors because I have a higher elite status membership with the SPG and Hilton cards.  I used the higher membership status to get better experience at the SPG and Hilton hotels in South Korea.

image from

Hotel Lobby

My First Year As A Card Member.  Was It Worth It?

The first year was worth it.  I paid $550 annual fee and $1,000 worth of points to purchase a one way Singapore Airlines Suites Class ticket. A one way Singapore Suites Class costs $8,500.  My total out of pocket expense was $1,550.  My total monetary return was $9,554. 

The additional benefits I got from the Card:

1.  Uber ($110),

2.  Priority Pass Select ($429),

3.  National Car Rental ($15),

4.  Collision Damage Waiver ($300),

5.  Airline Travel Credit ($200)

6.  Singapore Airlines Suites Class ticket price that costs anywhere from $8500 to $12,000.  

Subtract $9,554 from $1550 and the result is $8004.  This means I saved $8,004.  Money I didn't spend.  

image from

A Typical Standard Room in South East Asia, From My Experience

What Are The Perks For Travelers Or Non-Travelers?

If you travel once or more every year, lets see what you will be using:

1.  Uber ($200)  Uber can only be used in the U.S.

2.  Global Lounge Collection, Centurion Lounge, Priority Pass Select ($429)

3.  Saks Fifth Avenue Credit ($100)

4.  Airline Travel Credit ($200)

5.  5X points earned on flights, hotel bookings.

6.  Collision Damage Waiver

7.  Fine Hotels and Resorts Program

8.  No Foreign Transaction Fees

9.  The Hotel Collection

10.  TSA Pre✓ or Global Entry Fee Credit

11.  SPG Gold Status

12.  Hilton Gold Status

13.  Departure Magazine delivered to your doorstep

14.  Complimentary BOINGO American Express Preferred Plan Wi-Fi

I haven't even mentioned the other services and perks like Phone Protection Plan, Returned Item Protection, Global Dining Collection, etc.

If you travel more than twice a year, the benefits are very valuable.

image from

Makes Me Want To Go Out And See Seoul City.

Is American Express Platinum Worth It Past The First Year In The U.S. or Outside the U.S. For Travelers or Non-Travelers?

If I didn't travel and lived in the U.S. and I was strictly looking at the $550 annual fee and the gains I get with keeping it, I would be losing money.  How did I come to that conclusion? Three of the perks doesn't require any travelling.  They are Uber ($200), the Departure magazine, and use the Saks Fifth Avenue $100 annual credit.  So, it seems I pay $550 annual fee to get only $300 worth of goods, because I am not using the rest of the perks that requires travelling.

But is it really?

I think its more complicated than that.  I am currently living and working in South Korea.  Even if I didn't travel for 5 years, I would still have the Uber, Priority Pass Select annual membership, SPG Gold Status, Hilton Gold Status, BOINGO Wi-Fi, Airline Travel Credit, National Emerald Car Rental status, Collision Damage Waiver, TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry Fee.  All complimentary and ready for use if I need it. I don't need to meet any requirements or spend money to keep these perks.  For each of the five years.  This benefit applies to both within the U.S. and other countries like South Korea.

I think that the benefits are mostly standby benefits for travelers. One thing to remember is that the American Express Platinum Card is a travel card.  If you traveled only once a year and used the benefits, the $550 annual fee is less than what you would have paid to get the benefits on your own.

Obviously, the American Express Platinum card has tremendous value for travelers. The card is positioned as a travel card and there are other cards that offers perks for people that don't travel much. However, the Platinum Card has a lot of valuable immediate and standby perks, but only if you get to use it.

In the end, I think it is worth keeping the card.  What do you think?

image from

Asian Girl And Her Puppy Together For A Photo Shoot

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Everything About The American Express Platinum Card Wed, 30 Jan 2019 12:42:22 +0000 image from

Hotel Room Stay With Benefits - Food.

Here Is What You Wanted To Know About The Benefits, Features, Membership Rewards, And More.

I remember when I was just learning how to toilet train, my uncle had one of those American Express card.  I don't know what the requirements were, because it was a uncommon card to see because back then, most people carried the Visa or Mastercard.  It wasn't called the American Express Platinum Card back then.  It was called the American Express Card, a symbol of a luxury card for corporate people.  Back then I saw the card but didn't really know anything about it.  Fast forward 20+ years later.  I've learned everything about the American Express Platinum and how to use the toilet on my own.  I will go over my toilet training on a future post.  Maybe.  Comment down below if you would like me to write about it.  Just kidding.

image from

A friend of mine told me about the card in 2017.  He and his wife each had the card.  I was a noob to "travel cards" back then.  Membership points, hotel elite status, rewards meant nothing to me at that time.  I had no cares about earning points, rewards, and elite status.    He wanted me to check out the American Express Platinum Card.   My friends opinion of the card got me curious so I went to Google and started researching about the card. 

image from

Korean Flag Recognized In Korea As The Korean Flag.

I sat in front of the monitor with a cup of coffee, reading the American Express website.  I compared and contrasted between several cards of other travel card websites.  I even created a chart of all the cards I found and wrote them all on an 11 by 17 sheet of printing paper. Eventually, I applied for and was approved for the American Express Platinum Card.  It was my first travel card application.  This began my training to become the Supreme travel card leader that I am today.

So why did I decide to get travel cards?  I was interested on taking a trip using nothing but points.  Eventually, I booked a flight on the Singapore Airlines Suites Class and a one month vacation to Vietnam. It was and still is one of the best airlines in my humble opinion. Korean Airlines comes a close second.

I began to get the urge to travel, thanks to all the traveling blogs I have read and seen.  I have to say, this card is an excellent investment towards maximizing and getting a return for traveling.  If you already have the card, good for you.  If not, then you made the right decision to reading about it here on this website.  Everything about the American Express Platinum Card that you wanted to know.

image from

Clean Hotel Lobby.

American Express Platinum Annual Fee

The annual fee was steep, $450 back in 2017.  It has been raised to $550 in 2018.  The annual fee renews each card member year, so you pay another $550 on each new card member year you joined.  The annual fee is high, so how do they justify charging you such a high annual fee?  That's what I wanted to find out.

American Express Platinum Membership Bonus Points Offer

American Express offers 60,000 bonus points after you charge $5,000 within 3 months of the account opening.  These points can be used to book flights, hotels at or you can transfer the points to their partners.  I transferred all my American Express points to my Kris Flyer account, the Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program.  To meet the requirement, I charged everything I could to the Platinum Card.  I charged my grocery, coffee at Starbucks, haircuts, gas, cellphone bill, internet bill, movies, etc.  When I bought myself a new digital camera, I charged it to the Platinum Card.  Within two months, I completed the spending requirement.

image from

Nice Color Matched Hotel Room

American Express Membership Rewards Points Program

You earn 5X membership points for all flights booked an American Express Travel ( and prepaid hotels booked on American Express Travel.  If the ticket cost $1,000, you will get 5,000 American Express Membership Rewards Points.  To get those 5X points, you have to pay for the ticket using the Platinum Card.  If you decide to use the points on, there is no blackout dates or seat restrictions. You can reserve a flight or hotel on any airline or hotel by using points for all or part of the bookings.  Cruise bookings also.  Or you can use the points on and reward yourself with items from over 500 brands in the travel, dining, entertainment, and shopping category. Additionally, the points can be transferred to airline and hotel partners.  I transferred mine to the Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer miles program.

image from

I don't Want To Touch It, Cause I Don't Want To Make A Mess.

The 14 Best Benefits, Features, and Rewards of the American Express Platinum Travel Card That Really Matter

These have a monetary benefit, both immediate and later in the years each card member year.  In my opinion, these benefits cover and justify the $550 annual fee.  The rest of the other benefits of the Platinum Card is extra that makes me feel good about myself.  So what are the 14 best benefits of the Platinum Car by American Express?

  • Uber Rides.  You get $15 a month and $35 in December for a total of $200 of Uber credits from January to December of each calendar year.  The benefit is only available to the Basic Card Member only and not additional people you put into the cards account.  If you want additional people to get the Uber credit, they each have to apply for the card and be approved.  The Uber credits can be used only in the United States.  Currently, it doesn't work in South Korea and other South East Asian countries like Vietnam.  The credits are usually instantly applied to your bill if you apply the credit first on the Uber android app or iphone app. You also have to add a secondary method of payment.  I added the American Express Platinum Card.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue ( $100 annual credit.  This benefit was just added late 2017.  You get $50 in statement credits from January to June and another $50 in statement credits from July through December.  No minimum purchase is required and you have to enroll for a Saks account.  They do have products that cost $50 or less.  Now, you can get Saks Fifth Avenue products for free.
  • Global Lounge Collection and Priority Pass Select.  You get complimentary lounge access to over 1,200 airport lounges across 130 countries and it keeps growing.  You also get access to the American Express Centurion Lounges, The International American Express Lounges, partner network lounges, Delta Sky Club (you have to have a same day Delta flight ticket), and a complimentary Priority Pass Select Lounge ( visits for you and another.  I've stayed at the Centurion Lounge in San Francisco (SFO) and Seattle (SEA), Priority Pass Select Lounges in Japan, Korea, NY, Singapore, and even Vietnam.  The price for the annual membership starts at $299 and the next membership level costs $429 a year.
  • Fine Hotels and Resorts Program.  You get complimentary benefits when you book a stay for at least two nights at any Fine Hotels & Resorts.  These benefits include complimentary daily breakfast for two people, room upgrades, amenities at the property valued at $100, privileged late 4PM check-out, noon check-in if available, and complimentary Wi-Fi.  Room upgrades is subject to the hotels room availability, rate and use of benefits.  (
  • The Hotel Collection.  You have to stay at least two nights, then you get a room upgrade and a $75 hotel credit on qualifying dining, spa, and resort activities if you booked your stay with American Express Travel (
  • TSA Pre✓ or Global Entry Fee Credit.  If you apply for this, you will get reimbursed the full amount of the $85 for the TSA Pre Check or $100 for the Global Entry Fee.  You get one such statement credit every 4 years.  You have to charge the fee to the American Express Platinum Card to get reimbursed. This service gives you expedited screening at select airports.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees. This means you can purchase anything on the Platinum Card and there will be no foreign transaction fees.  I work in South Korea, so this saves me a lot of money on my purchases in the country.  I love those Hot Toys, Mega Box Cinema and Lotteria burger meals!
  • Car Rental Privileges.  You get complimentary membership to car rental programs like National.  I received a complimentarty Emerald Club Executive Membership which gives me guaranteed car upgrades or a special selection area.  I have used this benefit to rent a car with National in the U.S..  You will have to register for a National account.
  • Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance.  How many else thinks getting collision damage waiver is a waste of money?  I do, and thanks to American Express Platinum Card, i can refuse paying for it.  The Card covers the car with its built in CDW.  You have to pay for the rental using the American Express Platinum to get the coverage.  Not all vehicles are covered, so I can't rent a Lamborghini and expect to get free CDW.  Exotic cars like that are not covered.  Coverage is not available in Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. The coverage does not include liability coverage.  I have used this feature to get 3 weeks worth of coverage in South Korea for a savings of $300.
  • SPG Gold Status.  You get the SPG Gold Elite Status without having to meet any hotel stay requirements and you get all the benefits of that Membership level.  If you wanted to do this yourself, it will take you 24-49 eligible nights a year.  As of 2017, Marriott has merged its rewards program with SPG and Ritz Carlton.  Starting 2019, elite status is earned by night stays and not by per stay.  In the old legacy program, one stay of 25 nights was considered one stay and you didn't get the gold status.  With the new program, a one stay of 25 nights gives you credit of 25 nights and you earn gold elite status.
  • Hilton Honors Gold Status.  Get Gold Status without having to meet any hotel stay requirements and you get all the benefits for that membership level.  As a Hilton Honors Gold Member you get Complimentary breakfast (Conrad, Curio, Double Tree, Hilton, Hilton Garden), and room upgrades (Conrad, Curio, Double Tree, Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Tapestry Collections, Astoria). Complimentary Executive Lounge access gives you all the tea, coffee, food you can eat and drink. (Conrad, Curio, Double Tree, Hilton, Hilton Garden, Tapestry Collection).  Also, the 5th night is free if using points on a 5th night stay.  I used this benefit to book 6 nights at the Grand Hilton Seoul and got the fifth night free.  Free Breakfast included!
  • Airline Fee Credit.  You get $200 each calendar year.  You have to select one airline that American Express has partnered with between January 1 - 31.  You can select the airline of your choice by going to  You can only choose once per calendar year.  The airlines available are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and US Airways, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways, United Airlines.  They may add more in the future.  If you don't spend the $200, it doesn't carry over to the new calendar year.  So you won't have $400 on the second calendar year, because the airline fee credit resets back to $200.                                                                                             The approved items that apply to the airline fee credit is:
    Checked baggage fees
    Overweight/oversize baggage fees
    Change fees
    Phone reservation fees
    Pet flight fees
    Airport lounge day passes and annual memberships
    Seat assignment fees
    In-flight amenity fees (beverages, food, pillows/blankets, headphones, etc)
    In-flight entertainment fees (excluding wireless internet)

    The non approved/non applicable items are:
    Airline tickets
    Charges processed by merchants other than the airline the card member is enrolled in (for example: inflight internet services like GoGo)
    Charges made by airline partners (for example: you purchased a ticket on enrolled airline Delta, but bought food on a Korean Airline flight)
    Trip insurance/baggage insurance
    Ticket upgrades (including American Airlines upgrade stickers)
    Travel agent fees
    Point transfer fees
    Duty free purchases
    Award ticket fees
    Gift cards issued by Airlines (This does not see to be the case in a few cases. I have purchased Delta ticket voucher cards in $50 increments and it counted as airline travel credit! It was reimbursed by American Express! Delta only allows up to 3 of these ticket voucher cards to be used on one airline ticket.

    If the charge is seen as "Travel - Airline," then American Express will not reimburse that.
  • Complimentary BOINGO American Express Preferred Plan. Technically, I haven't had a need for it. Almost all of my complimentary Wi-Fi is provided by the airport, airport lounges, and hotels.
  • Departures Magazine. It's a magazine published seven times a year containing articles about travel, style, culture, shopping, and dining. 
image from

View Of The Korean Fortress During The Night In Korea.

The Rest of American Express Platinum Card's Benefits and Services

  • Platinum Travel Concierge Service.  Call the Platinum American Express Concierge phone line (1-800-525-3355) and they may be able to get custom flights for you and other services. I don't know much about this, because I haven't used it.
  • Add Other People. Add your daughter, wife, or significant other to get a complimentary Gold Card and it is attached to your Platinum Card Account. Whenever they spend, you get points.  Never will use this feature.
  • Year End Summary. See all of your spending for the calendar year at
  • American Express Android App.  Download it and see offers, rewards, fraud alerts on my cellphone.
  • RSVP Invitation Tailored Events for You.  Customized for Platinum Card Members to events like sporting, fashion, fine dining, art and performances. I haven't used this benefit.
  • Global Dining Collection. You get special access to reservations to restaurants. I haven't felt the need to get special access to restaurants since i like Lotteria and Pizza.
  • Preferred Seating to Events. I haven't used this benefit.
  • Phone Purchase Protection Plan. Pay for a new phone using the American Express Platinum Card.  For 120 days and $10,000 per occurrence, your phone gets replaced if it is accidentally damaged, stolen, or lost.  Up to $50,000 a card member year.  I have used this feature, but haven't needed to claim the protection plan.
  • Return and Item Protection. Let's say you bought something from a merchant and 90 days later you want to return it back. The merchant says no. What do you do? Call American Express. American Express may refund the full purchase price, up to $300 per item, up to a maximum of $1,000 per calendar year, if you purchased the items using the American Express Platinum Card. American Express will not reimburse shipping and handling. All the purchases must have been made in the U.S. or U.S. territories. I haven't used this benefit.
  • Extended Warranty. U.S. manufacturers warranty of 5 years or less is matched for up to two additional years. Coverage is limited for items charged to the American Express Platinum Card up to $10,000 per item and $50,000 per calendar year. I'm gonna go out and buy some Iron Man Hot Toys and DJI Phantom 4!  For residents in Guam, Indiana, Puerto Rico and Northern Mariana Islands, its one (1) additional year.
  • INCIRCLE.  $100 INCIRCLE points card is given to you whenever you earn 10,000 InCircle points. You can use the credit for purchases at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, Goodman, Last Call, Horchow and CUSP.

All of these benefits, features and services are great for frequent travelers.  But what about people that don't travel a lot or don't travel at all?  Do the perks make the American Express Platinum Card worth keeping?  Is it worth it?  We go over that in "Is the American Express Platinum Card Worth It?"

image from

Asian Girl With Her Puppy Lying On The Grass For A Photo.

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Country Codes. Why You Need Them For Phone Calling. Fri, 25 Jan 2019 12:56:12 +0000 image from

Welcome To Korea. Enjoy Your Stay.

You Can't Call Without It.

You need the country codes to call your family, friends, and people around the planet. 

If you haven't read our article on "How to make phone calls to and from South Korea", then you can read it here





American Samoa





Antigua and Barbuda


















Bosnia and Herzegovina



British Indian Ocean 

British Virgin Islands



Burkina Faso





Cape Verde

Cayman Islands

Central African Republic




Christmas Island

Cocos Islands



Cook Islands

Costa Rica





Czech Republic

Democratic Republic Congo




Dominican Republic

East Timor



El Salvador

Equatorial Guinea




Falkland Islands

Faroe Islands




French Polynesia


















Hong Kong








Isle of Man



Ivory Coast




























Marshall Islands


















Netherlands Antilles

New Caledonia

New Zealand





North Korea

Northern Mariana Islands







Papua New Guinea







Puerto Rico


Republic of the Congo





Saint Barthelemy

Saint Helena

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Martin

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Saint Vincent & Grenadines


San Marino

Sao Tome and Principe

Saudi Arabia




Sierra Leone


Sint Maarten



Solomon Islands


South Africa

South Korea

South Sudan


Sri Lanka



Svalbard and Jan Mayen












Trinidad and Tobago




Turks and Caicos Islands


U.S. Virgin Islands



United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States







Wallis and Futuna

Western Sahara




Country Code




























































1-809, 1-829, 1-849















































































































1-787, 1-939






































































ISO - 2 digit/3 digit

















































































































































































































































image from

Asian Girl And Her Cute Puppy Together For A Photo Shoot

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Old Fashioned Rotary Dial Phone
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How To Make Phone Calls To And From Korea. Thu, 24 Jan 2019 09:59:03 +0000 image from

Old Fashioned Rotary Dial Phone

Making Phone Calls In Korea, To Korea, Or From Korea.
 Bachelors Degree And Batteries Not Included.

One of the most important questions people coming to Korea have asked is about phone calling.  How do I call a person in Korea from my country or how do I call someone living outside Korea?  The majority of the time, you will be calling with a cellphone.

If you brought your cell phone from home, it will still work in most cases, but you will need a sim card.  Fortunately, you can purchase sim cards in South Korea.

If you brought your cellphone from home, it will be a good idea to turn off the cellphones roaming service, and with good reason.  If you used roaming service from your countries mobile data plan, you could be billed with international charges.  You could find yourself holding a cellphone bill from your carrier at home costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The most important item needed for the cellphone is the sim card.  What is a sim card?

image from

A Sim Card. Without It, It Would Be Difficult Calling Someone.

SIM Card Explained

A SIM card is a small microchip card that goes into your cell phone. It is also known as a subscriber identity module. It keeps data like the user identity, location, network authorization data, personal security keys, text messages, and contact lists. It is a unique identifier for your cell phone.

Without the SIM card, your phone will still be a great paperweight or ninja phone to throw. Theoretically, you can take your personal SIM card and put it into another phone and use the phone. The call works if you are within a country's mobile carrier that you bought the SIM card from.  Or you can buy SIM cards from different countries and put it into one phone.  Just remember, if you are not in the country where you bought the SIM card, then you might need to buy another SIM card to make international phone calls.

Phones require a SIM card because it allows the phone to connect to a phone network. In South Korea, the leading three mobile carrier operators are SK Telecom, LG U+, and Olleh. They provide 3G, 4G, and later 5G cellular network connectivity.  From my personal experience, I recommend getting SK Telecom or Olleh.

I've bought SIM cards in Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and used each SIM card when I was in that country.  When I stayed in Vietnam, I used a SIM card purchased in Vietnam.  A SIM card from Singapore will not work in Vietnam, a card from Vietnam will not work in South Korea.  I asked the SIM card seller to give me a SIM card compatible with my Samsung Note 5.  You will have to do the same, ask for a compatible SIM card for your phone. Sometimes there will not be a compatible SIM card. Then you will have to buy a cellphone within that country or make calls from a pay phone or hotel.

A Cool Feature With Having A SIM Card

If you lose your cell phone, you can track it down thanks to the SIM card inside the cellphone.  Apple has an application, "Find My iPhone" and Android has an application called "Find My Device," it will find your phone's location from its signal and GPS.

The SIM card is packing big with 64 kilobytes of memory.  That's a ridiculously small amount of memory, smartphones today have at a minimum 32 gigabytes of memory.  But, that amount of memory is plenty for the SIM card.

image from

Traditional Korean Residence. Its Winter.

Time Zone Differences

The first thing before calling from Korea to another country is to know the local time of the country you are calling.  You don't want to call someone and find the person is sleeping.

South Korea and Japan have the same time zone.  Korea is one hour ahead of China, nine hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and fourteen hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.  Or you can visit  South Korea does not use daylight savings time.

Making An International Call From Korea to Another Country:

Calling Korea or from Korea to another country is easy if you know how to do it.  The most important thing is to know the country code. The basic formula is:

The formula is exit code + country code + area code + phone number.  Below is an example.  You should now see how easy is to call your country from Korea.

Exit Code - Some of the codes are 001, 002, 008, 00345, 00700, 00388. Depends on who your cellular provider is.
001 is KT International Calling
002 is LG Dacom International Calling
005 is Hanaro Telecom International Calling
006 is SK Telink International Calling
008 is Onse Telecom International Calling

For the Exit Code, you will need to know what Korean cellular provider company you are getting service.  Example: KT is 001.  Mine is LG (002).

Country Code - Singapore is 65. You can find that at  United States is 1.  Korea is 82.  Here is a comprehensive list of country codes.

Area Code - Example: There are nine area codes in Singapore.  For example, 644 is Bedok.

Telephone Number - 123-4567
You would dial/enter the number on your phone like this: 001-65-644-123-4567.  You will then be connected and be in contact with that phone number.

image from

Incheon Airport Has Good Deals On Sim Cards Or Cellphone Data Plans.

Example: Calling Someone In The United States

Exit Code: 001
Country Code: 1
Area Code: 360
Phone Number: 904-3382
Dial This: 001-1-360-904-3382

Note:  You don't need to enter the dashes, only the numbers.

Remember, you will have to consider the time zone and time difference from Korea to wherever you are trying to reach and vice versa.  Get your time zone here.

image from

A Picture Within Cellphone Can Say A Thousand Words.

How to call Korea from your home country, example: USA.

Formula: International Prefix Code + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number

You want to call a friend in Seoul, Korea from the United States.  Maybe me?  Just kidding. 
International prefix code - for the United States it's 011. It is the exit code that allows you to call outside the United States.
Country Code: For Korea, it is 82
City Code: For Seoul, it is 2
Phone Number: 6, 7 digits or 8 digits.
Example: 011-82-2-2345-2345. You don't enter the dashes, only the numbers on your phone.

Major City Codes In Korea You Should Know

If a city code in Korea is needed, then find it below. If your friend lives in Seoul, the code is 2.

Ansan 31
Anyang 31
Changwon 55
Jeju 64
Chongju 43
Jeonju 63
Cheonan 41
Jinju 55
Chuncheon 33
Dangjin 41
Iksan 63
Incheon 32
Goyang 31
Gumi 54
Gunsan 63
Gwangyang 61
Masan 55
Mokpo 61
Pohang 54
Boseong 61
Busan 51
Pyeontaek 31
Seongnam 31
Seoul 2
Suwon 31
Daegu 53
Daejon 42
Uljin 54
Wonju 33

Calling Within Korea To Someone Else in Korea

Usually, you will be dialing a cell phone number because the majority of locals only have a cell phone nowadays.

You have a cell phone in South Korea and want to call someone who has a cell phone in South Korea. Do this. For domestic long distance calls (Seoul to Busan) press 0 first, 1-2 digit area code or the 2-digit cellular prefix. The cellular designation always begins with a 1. So if you wanted to call a local Korean cellphone number, press 0, then the mobile prefix number, and then the subscriber six digit number.

For local calls, dial the person's subscriber number. Usually, it is 6, 7 or even eight digit number

Toll-free numbers start with 80. Always press 0 before dialing the toll-free number in Korea.

image from

Phone Booth In The Subway Waiting Area.

Other Methods To Call

1.  Landline phone - a traditional phone before the cellphones came into the market. This conventional type of phone method is replaced with the cell.

2.  Payphones - These are less frequently found throughout Korea because almost everyone uses cell phones. But they can be located conveniently for both locals and travelers at the airport, subway stations and sometimes on the streets. 

These payphones can accept coins, calling cards, and even credit cards. Some of these payphones will only accept coins, others will take coins, and prepaid calling cards (like T-Money) and credit cards, and other phones will accept prepaid cards and credit cards. There is not a standard of payment methods acceptable from these phones. It can be any combination of accepted payment methods. There is no standard today because cell phones are the standard for communication.

image from

Girl Taking A Selfie. Never Seen A Train Before, Hmmm?

Other Important Information

You can buy prepaid phone cards at shops, machines, convenience stores in multiple denominations of W3,000, W5,000, W10,000. The W means Won, the name of Korea's currency. Calling local is around 70 won for every 180 seconds. Calls to mobile phones will be approximately 70 won for every 38 seconds. You can make local, long distance, and international calls with these prepaid phone cards.

One of the best data plans for travelers that require a short-term data plan is from three companies in Korea. These companies have been voted the best from frequent travelers.  You can't go wrong with them, and you won't get scammed.  The three companies are:

1.  Olleh (Formerly KT)

2.  SK Telecom

3.  LG U+ (Formerly LG Telecom)

SK Telecom has their GPS navigation app called T-Map, which is considered one of the best in South Korea.

After you have a working cellphone, get Kakao Talk.  It's a smartphone application that you can download from smartphone stores like Google Play Store.  It is a major cellphone add on application providing free international phone calls while piggybacking on the data plan.  They even have franchise stores throughout Korea, and is very popular.  You can't go wrong with them.

image from

Asian Girl And Her Puppy Together For A Photo Shoot.

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No Room Upgrades At These Hotels For IHG Ambassador and Royal Ambassador Wed, 23 Jan 2019 10:19:17 +0000

One Category And Two Category Room Upgrades Are Not Available With These Room Types If You Stay At These Places.

So what does that mean?  Lets say you stay at the InterContinental Hong Kong and purchase a stay at the Terrace Suite, CEO Suite, or Presidential Suite.  Your IHG Ambassador or Royal Status would entitle you to get a one or two category upgrade.  But you won't get a category or two category upgrade.

o InterContinental Hong Kong - Signature Suites (Terrace Suite, CEO Suite, Presidential Suite).
o InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Park Lane - Signature Suites.
o InterContinental Sydney - Australia Suite, State Suite and Governor Suites.
o InterContinental Sydney Double Bay - Royal Suite, Deluxe Bayview Suites
o InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort - Penthouse, Beach Villa, Rock Villa, 2 bed Rock Villa, Sun Peninsula Residence 2 bed, Sun Peninsula Residence 3 bed and Royal Residence.
o InterContinental San Francisco - Bay Suite, Terrace Suite, Presidential Suite.
o InterContinental Athenaeum Athens - Presidential Suite.
o InterContinental Adelaide - King Diplomatic Suite and King Presidential Suite.
o InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya - Duncan - Premier Suite, Nizhinsky - Presidential Suite and Ulanova - Royal Suite.
o InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam - Presidential Suite (includes Executive Presidential Suite, Executive Presidential Twin room & Executive Presidential Junior Suite), Dom Perignon Suite (includes Executive Dom Perignon Suite & Executive Dom Perignon Junior Suite).
o InterContinental Berlin - Presidential Suite, Diplomatic Suite and Park Suite
o InterContinental Geneva - Executive Lake View Suites, Panoramic Lake View Suites, Presidential Lake View Suites, Imperial Residence
o InterContinental Kiev - Governor Suite, Presidential Suite, Royal Suite, Ambassador Suite
o InterContinental Asiana Saigon - The Presidential Suite.
o InterContinental Buckhead - Grand Suite, Royal Suite, Ambassador Suite and Presidential Suite.
o InterContinental The Willard Washington D.C. - Thomas Jefferson Suite, George Washington Suite and John Adams Suite
o InterContinental Johannesburg O.R Tambo Airport - Presidential Suites
o InterContinental Los Angeles Century City at Beverley Hills - Royal Suite, Presidential Suite, Elite Honeymoon, Elite Residence, Premier, Premier Suites with Terrace
o InterContinental Wellington - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Singapore - Presidential Suite, Ambassador Suite, Royal Suite, Executive Suite
o InterContinental Samui Baan Taling Ngam Resort - Club Napa Reserve 3 bedroom Residence
o InterContinental Nha Trang - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Bangkok - Royal Suites, Diplomatic Suites, Ambassador Suites, Executive Suites, Premier Suites
o InterContinental Koh Samui - Club Napa Reserve 3 Bedroom Residence
o InterContinental Fiji - Natadola Suite
o InterContinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort - InterContinental Superior Ocean View Suite, Family Suite, Premier Ocean View Suite, Two Bedroom Ocean View Suite, InterContinental Grand Ocean View Presidential Suite, InterContinental Ocean Front Villa
o InterContinental Estoril - Ocean View Suites
o InterContinental Lisbon - Presidential Suite, Panoramic Suite, Ambassador Suite
o InterContinental Hanoi Westlake - Presidential Suite, Premium 1,2 and 3 bed Residence
o InterContinental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort - Superior Suite
o Athenaeum InterContinental - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Melbourne Rialto - Iconic Suites, Signature Suites
o InterContinental Dusseldorf - Presidential Suite, Lifestyle Suite
o InterContinental Madrid - King Dali Club Suite Castellana View, King Bed Miro Club Suite with terrace, King Bed Picasso Club Luxury Suite, Royal Suite
o InterContinental Cairo CityStars - 2 and 3 Bedroom Residence Suite, Penthouse Residence Suite, 2 Bedroom Signature Suite, Royal Suite, Karnak Suite, Luxor Suite
o InterContinental OR Tambo Airport Hotel - Presidential Suites
o InterContinental Vienna - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Frankfurt - Presidential Suite
o Presidente InterContinental Mexico City - Master Suites (Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo, Alberto Gironella and José Guadalupe Posada) Presidential Suites (José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera)
o InterContinental Shenzhen - King Bed Club Chinese Theme Suite, King Bed Club Duplex Suite (King Club Terrace Suite), Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Budapest - Presidential Suite, Executive Suites
o InterContinental Malta - Duplex Suite, Ambassador Suite, Penthouse, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental London - The O2 – The Penthouse, 1 Bed Club InterContinental Suite, 2 Bed Club InterContinental Suite
o InterContinental Davos - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Qingdao - Presidential Suite, Deluxe Aqua Suite Ocean View, Aqua Suite Ocean View, Executive Suite Ocean View, Aqua Deluxe King Ocean View
o InterContinental Bali Resort - Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Bukit Suite, Imperial Villa, Jivana Villa, Club InterContinental Suite, Balinese Suite, Pecatu Suite
o InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas - Residence King, Club Residence Suites, Club Mountain Suites
o InterContinental Seoul Coex - Business Suites, Corner Suites, Club Corner Suites, Ambassador Suite, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Pattaya - Baan Sai Chol 1 bed Pool Villa, Baan Sai Nam 2 bed Pool Villa
o InterContinental ANA Tokyo - Imperial Suite, Presidential Suite, Japanese Suite, Executive Suite
o InterContinental Osaka - Executive Suite, 2 bed Residence Superior, 2 bed Residence Deluxe, 2 bed residence Premium, 3 bed Residence Premium
o InterContinental Dubai Festival City - Signature Suite, Presidential Suite, Royal Suite
o InterContinental Hua Hin Resort - Club InterContinental Beach Villa, La Residence and Leisure Suite
o InterContinental Sanya Resort - One Bed Villa, Ocean Suite, Two Bed Villa, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Robertson Quay - Penthouse
o InterContinental Presidente Cancun Resort - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa - Brando Suites Bora Bora, Pool Villa, Pool Premium Villa
o InterContinental Makkah Dar Al Tawhid - Four Bedroom Presidential Suites Haram View, Three Bedroom Amiri Suites Haram View
o InterContinental Dubai Marina - Two Bedroom Suites, Three Bedroom Suites, Penthouse Suites
o InterContinental Foshan - Chairman Suite, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental New York Barclay - Executive Suites, Presidential Suites, Harold S. Vanderbilt Suite
o InterContinental New York Times Square - Penthouse, Manhattan, Deluxe Studio, Sky View Studio
o InterContinental Cozumel - Presidential Suites
o InterContinental Cancun - Caribbean Suites Ocean Front, Signature Suite Ocean Front, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Presidente Santa Fe Mexico - Grand Suite, Master Suite
o InterContinental Presidente Guadalajara - Ambassador Suite, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Santo Domingo - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Ljubljana - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Doha - Luxury Suite
o InterContinental Fujairah Resort - Presidential Suite
o ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort - Club InterContinental Corner Terrace, Club InterContinental Corner Suite, Club InterContinental Deluxe Corner Suite, Club InterContinental Deluxe Corner Terrace
o InterContinental Medellin - Presidential Suite, Antioquia Suite
o InterContinental Alliance Resorts The Venetian - The two tiers upgrade for Royal Ambassador members is subject to availability
o InterContinental Alliance Resorts The Palazzo - The two tiers upgrade for Royal Ambassador members is subject to availability
o InterContinental Shanghai Jing'an - Executive Suite, Ambassador Suite
o InterContinental Xiamen - Two Bedroom Suite
o InterContinental Shijiazhuang - Ambassador Suite, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Perth City Center - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco - Nob Hill Suite, Cyril Magnin Suite, Mark Hopkins Suite, Presidential Suite, Penthouse, California Suite.
o InterContinental Quanzhou - Two Bedroom Suite, InterContinental Premier Deluxe Suite
o InterContinental Phu Quoc - Two bedroom Suites/Villas or greater
o InterContinental Tahiti - Bungalow Overwater Motu
o InterContinental Tokyo - Club InterContinental Imperial Suite, 2 Bedroom Club Presidential Suites, Club InterContinental Executive Suite
o InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort - Federation Suite, Manor Suite
o InterContinental Hanoi Landmark 72 - Ambassador Suite, Royal Suite, Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Guangzhou Exhibition Center - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Cartagena - Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Dalian - Executive Suite, CEO Suite Presidential Suite
o InterContinental Perth City Center - Penthouse Suite

InterContinental Ambassador benefits are not applicable at InterContinental Residences.

At InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in French Polynesia (InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora, InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa, InterContinental Resort & Spa Moorea, and InterContinental Resort Tahiti) upgrades to the next room categories and 4 pm late check-out are not guaranteed for Royal Ambassador and Ambassador members who book through a third-party website or Tour Operator.

InterContinental Alliance Resorts properties: The Venetian and The Palazzo Resorts - All Ambassador benefits apply at The Venetian and The Palazzo Resorts except for the in-room gift. All Royal Ambassador benefits apply except Mini-Bar: Royal Ambassador members will receive a $100 credit from the resort towards the mini-bar per stay. Complimentary water will be provided on the day of arrival and will not be replenished daily.

Dar Al Tawhid InterContinental® Makkah
Waiver Period:
5 May - 4 June 2019
During this period of Ramadan and Hajj, the below member benefits will not be available:
• All Ambassador and Royal Ambassador member upgrades
• 24-hour and 72-hour booking guarantee
• Royal Ambassador Club InterContinental Experience
IHG® Rewards Club membership and InterContinental® Ambassador and Royal Ambassador benefits are provided where available, at the sole discretion of IHG, and shall be considered void where prohibited by law.

SCH reserves the right to restrict, suspend or cancel the InterContinental® Ambassador and Royal Ambassador benefits and discontinue the IHG® Rewards Club membership of any member who acts in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws, rules, regulations, or these Terms and Conditions, at SCH’s sole discretion.

SCH may amend the InterContinental® Ambassador and Royal Ambassador benefits and these Terms and Conditions at any time.
For the purpose of these terms and conditions, 'Club InterContinental Experience' for Royal Ambassadors includes the below. No compensation is provided to members for hotels that do not operate a Club InterContinental Lounge.

1. A courtesy call or email made by the Club InterContinental team to the guest before their arrival at the hotel.

2. On arrival at the hotel, the guest receives a personalized greeting and check-in

3. The accommodation room assigned is a Club InterContinental Room with a welcome amenity, additional room amenities and turndown service (except for Royal Ambassadors whose accommodation room will be assigned following clause 10 above).

4. Exclusive access to the Club InterContinental Lounge (where available) for 2 guests per occupied room featuring breakfast, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, and snacks throughout the day. During the evening hours, there is d'oeuvres, canapés and cocktails.

5. On departure, the guest receives a personalized farewell and late check-out of 4pm.

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Shipping Your Car To Korea, Nightmare Overcome! 2 of 2. Thu, 10 Jan 2019 09:53:02 +0000
Cargo Shipping Ship

Is My Car On That Ship?

How To Ship Your Car From Anywhere To Korea, Stress-Free!  Post Finale!

Where Can I Get a Power of Attorney?

If you are a service member, a service member dependent or a civilian that works at a military base you can get the Power of Attorney at an army base.  For everyone else, find an attorney. They will draft a Power of Attorney for you. 

I went to my local military legal office and saw a legal specialist.  He asked for information about my car, the shipping company, and individual I wanted to grant a “Power of Attorney” to.  He typed it into his “Power of Attorney” template and printed out a sheet, and placed a stamped seal.  It was now an official “Power of Attorney.”

Remember, that paper has to have a stamped seal.  An imprint of the seal onto the paper.   I got three different (3) Power of Attorney’s from the local legal office for free. Each to do something different.  Best part?  I saved money.  Yahoo! Sorry Google.

Power of Attorney Document

Power of Attorney Written On Parchments

Shipping Your Vehicle To South Korea

The following is the complete step I had to take to get my vehicle to Korea.

Here are the steps I took to get my car from the Vehicle Storage Facility to the shipping company. Remember, this took three (3) Power of Attorneys. Your case may be different, most will only need one (1) or two (2) Power of Attorneys. I was "special," so I needed three (3) individual Power of Attorneys.

1.  Find a shipping company that can ship your vehicle by boat. Shipping by air is more expensive than boat shipping. The boat shipping company will ask for numerous documents. What they requested from me were: Two Power of Attorneys, Original Car Title, Copy of my State Drivers License, Copy of my U.S. passport, Copy of my current non-expired auto insurance, an address of my place in the United States and Korea, only 1/4 quarter of gas in my gas tank. I wind up getting a third (3rd) Power of Attorney.  The Power of Attorneys that I needed were:

     a.  A Power of Attorney that allowed someone from the shipping company to get my vehicles Title of Registration from the Vehicle Registration Office.

Shipping Company.

Shipping Company, Somewhere On Earth...

     b.  A Power of Attorney that will allow a named individual from the shipping company to take possession of the car and bring it to the shipping company. The shipping company will then need the following documents before they can schedule a drop off date of the vehicle to a boat leaving for Korea.

     c.  Another “Power of Attorney” that will allow the Shipping Company to get the car through U.S. Customs onto their shipping company’s boat.

2.  I still used the auto insurance from the bank in the U.S.  It was a simple phone call and I told them I was no longer in the United States and would like to cancel my U.S. driving coverage and start a coverage to drive in Korea.  They did their thing, and I received a copy of my new auto insurance coverage for Korea by email.  The auto insurance coverage was now an international driving coverage.  This meant I could drive in Korea, but not in the U.S.

3.  I gave the shipping company the rest of the information they requested.  Initially, I scanned and emailed all the materials they requested, but it turns out they needed the original Power of Attorney.  So I went to FedEx and Priority mailed the shipping company my original stamped sealed Power of Attorneys.  I sent it out Wednesday afternoon, and it got to them Friday morning. It only cost me $40.

Saving Money

Saving Money Is Always A Good Thing!

4.  Also, the shipping company requires that your vehicle be clean before they pick it up or before you drop it off to them.  Fortunately, I had done all that before shipping the car to the Vehicle Storage Facility in Seattle, Washington.

5.  Pay the shipping fee. Now this varies from the shipping company to shipping company. I suggest you shop around. It costs several thousand dollars.  Yep, you read right.  So, shop around.  Prices have gone up since the day I got my vehicle shipped.

6.  Pay the vehicle pickup fee.  This fee is if you have no one to pick up the vehicle for you and need the shipping company to do that for you.  They asked for $250 for them to go pick up my car.

7.  The shipping company will look at the schedule and deliver your car to the boat on the earliest ship date.  The third (3rd) Power of Attorney (PA) allowed them to get through U.S. Customs and place the car on the boat.  It authorizes them to drive the vehicle to the boat where it gets loaded onto the ship.  The shipping company said it would take roughly 14 to 22 days to get to Korea.  They asked me whether I wanted the car delivered to Incheon or Busan. Incheon is closer to where I live.

Sunset At The Shipping Port Dock

Sunset At The Shipping Port Dock

Before, During, And After The Car Is Shipped

The shipping company kept me up to date on the status of what was going on there.  They emailed me that the car was on the boat and gave me a delivery date.  They placed the vehicle on board the ship on 8 June 2018.  They gave me a delivery date of 22 June 2018. Not bad! Roughly 14 to 15 days.  It worked out for me, that day was perfect. It fell on a Friday.  I knew what I was doing that Friday!

The car shipped on Friday, 8 June 2018. On 13 June 2018, I got an email stating that the vehicle would reach Busan port by 19 June 2018.  It took 11 days total to travel from the United States to Korea.

I called the number on the email address and connected with a representative from the shipping company.  She said that the car would be in Busan port by 19 June 2018 and would be at Gimpo Airport, which is in Seoul Korea.

Initially, they said that the car would get dropped off at Incheon Port and I would have to go there and pick up the car.  However, the destination changed to Busan port, and the delivery point changed to Gimpo airport.  Be prepared for changes.

Cargo Ship At San Francisco.

Cargo Ship At San Francisco!

It got stored at Gimpo airport until I picked up the car.  Storage is not free, there is a daily fee, so it is advisable for you to pick it up as soon as you hear from the shipping company.  The shipping company tracks the package and lets you know the date it will land in Korea.  Then it’s up to you to pick it up.

I got a temporary vehicle registration good for ten days from the local Korean Department of Motor Vehicle Office.  So, plan when you will go and pick up the car and give yourself some leeway so that the temporary vehicle registration doesn't expire before you can get a permanent vehicle registration.

You will need a temporary vehicle registration, so go to a Motor Vehicle Department or on a military base if you are military personnel or a military dependent. If not, then you will have to go to a local Korean motor vehicle department.  Pay the fee, and you will get a temporary registration card good for a certain amount of days.  Take the temporary vehicle registration card and go to the port and pick up the vehicle.

I would have to get the temporary registration in 18, 19, or 20 June 2018.  It would be good for ten days starting from that day.

Ship Is Heading Out To Sea With Its Cargo

Ship Is Heading Out To Sea With Its Cargo... God Speed!

Getting To The Vehicle Storage Facility At Gimpo Airport

I decided to take the public train to get to Seoul and grab another train to Incheon.  If needed I decided to take a taxi from Incheon to Incheon Port.  No one could drive me there.

If you are enrolled and covered under SOFA status, then the Vehicle Storage Facility import fees will be waived.  That saved me a couple hundred dollars.

I brought the vehicle to the military base I was in and registered for permanent vehicle registration.

Now I Drive My Car In Korea.  So can you.  Safe Driving!  You might see me on the road, say hi!

Cute Girl And Her Dog Taking A Picture Together

Cute Girl And Her Dog Taking A Picture Together

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Youtube Logo

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Shipping Your Car To Korea, Nightmare Over! 1 of 2. Sun, 06 Jan 2019 07:47:45 +0000

How To Ship Your Car From Anywhere To Korea, Stress-Free!

Shipping Containers At A Shipping Port

Where Is My Car?

This article is about shipping your car to Korea but, it can also apply to other countries.  It’s almost the same process, but you will have to do your due diligence researching before you ship your car to other countries.

Shipping your precious privately owned vehicle, like your car, truck, or motorcycle from the United States to South Korea can be a stressful event.  If you want to ship your car and your job is in Korea, you want to live there, or you want to retire here then this article is for you.

Shipping a vehicle to Korea from US also works for those that aren't in the military.  If you want to bring your car to Korea, then you came to the right place to get the information.  This post is my experience shipping my car while serving in the military.

Busan Night Scene.

Busan Night Scene. Busan Port Is Somewhere Nearby.

I was stationed in Korea, and my car was stored at the Seattle Vehicle Storage Facility in the United States.  I missed driving my car so I decided I wanted to bring it over to Korea.  I own a Chevrolet Camaro 2010 2SS, the first Camaro model that came out for the movie “Transformers.”  This car will be a classic because of that.

A Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) is a storage parking lot of cars for military service members. Military service members are allowed to store vehicles at these facilities, for free, when they are sent overseas.  These Vehicle Storage Facilities are located throughout the United States and even abroad.

Storing my vehicle at the VSF meant that they would routinely check on my car each month, and let me know if something was wrong.  Can you say your mother or grandmother will do that for you?

Close Up Of A Sea Gull

Sea Gull Must See Lots Of Cars Getting Loaded Onto Shipping Boats.

When I got to Korea, I realized that I needed to ship my vehicle to Korea from the US because I decided to live off base and live in the economy.  I didn’t want to buy and drive a cheap car, basically a junk car that is held together with masking tape, crazy glue and daily prayer.  I was living off post and needed a reliable car to go to and from work.  So what did I do?  I decided that shipping my vehicle to South Korea was necessary.  I decided to pay out of my own pocket the cash needed to ship my car.  I paid out of my own pocket because I was not authorized to ship the car on the military expense.

How Did The Car Get To The Shipping Company?  A Service I Used The Shipping Company Offered.

If you are still in the United States and heading to Korea later, you can drive the vehicle yourself to the international vehicle shipping company.  Then they take your vehicle and get it on the boat to Korea.  Final destination, Korea!

Shipping Containers Stacked.

Shipping Containers. Anyone Else See A Parkour Playground?

If you are already living or working overseas and you can get a relative or friend to take the car to the shipping company, then the shipping company will take it from there.

If you are overseas who don't have family members or friends to rely on back home, then you will have to rely on the cargo shipping company.  A representative from the car shipping company can pick up your car from wherever it is and put it on the boat to send off to Korea.  I recommend you find a vehicle shipping company that is close to your car's location. Makes sense, doesn't it?

The car shipping company needs a Power of Attorney to get your car.  So what is that?

The Power of Attorney for Shipping Your Vehicle Overseas

Signing a Power of Attorney

Signing A Power of Attorney Is A Must To Ship Your Car

This is where a “Power of Attorney” comes into play.  It gives someone or a company authorization to act upon your behalf. Once you have it written up and "official", then it is not so complicated to do it a second time for other situations.  So how did I do it?

I yelled “Go Go Gadget Power of Attorney!” and it was so.  Hmmm. Just kidding.

A legal specialist or an attorney can draft a Power of Attorney. Within the military, trained legal specialists are available who can draft up a sealed official "Power of Attorney."  Also, did I mention that it’s free for military personnel and dependents?  I went to the legal specialist on base and got it done for free.  For everyone else, you need a legal specialist, a lawyer.

Container Cargo Ship Heading To South Korea.

Container Ship Ready To Go. Looks Like A Toy Ship.

More Than One Power of Attorney for Shipping Vehicles To South Korea

I needed three (3) Power of Attorneys.  The first Power of Attorney allowed someone from the shipping company to pick up the vehicle from the Vehicle Storage Facility.  A power of attorney has to have a specific individual's name.  So I emailed the shipping company and asked for someones name there, and they gave me a name of one of their people to name in the Power of Attorney.

The second Power of Attorney allowed the shipping company itself to bring the vehicle and pass it through U.S. Customs and onto their Shipping Boat.  The name of the shipping company DBA has to be on this Power of Attorney, not a person's name.  DBA means "Doing Business As."  It's the company's name that was used to create a business in the United States.

The third Power of Attorney was to allow someone from the shipping company to personally go to the vehicle registration office and pick up my Title to the car.  Huh?  Why is that you may ask? Simple.

Still Paying On The Vehicle Loan?  Then You Need Permission To Ship The Vehicle to South Korea.

If you are still paying a loan on your personally owned vehicle, then you don't own the car, the bank does.  Since the bank has given you a loan, they have placed the vehicle on a lien, meaning they are assuming the risk that you will pay the car loan off.  They are the lien holders and you were given a lien certificate with the bank as the lien holder.

If that is the case for you, call the bank and ask their permission to ship the car.  If they approve, they will send you an official letter allowing you to export your vehicle to Korea.  If it's not approved, then you will be riding a bus to work.  Technically, they are the lien holders on the car, so you don’t own the vehicle until your loan is fully paid off.

Chevrolet Camaro 2SS 2010 "Fire Wall"  Gyopo Oppa

No, It Isn't Bumble Bee. Why Do People Mistake My Car For Bumble Bee?

So I decided to pay off the auto loan and become the owner of "BumbleBee." oops; sorry, that may become a copyright trademark infringement.  My car doesn't like that since its name is "Fire Wall."

If you have no auto loans on the vehicle, then you can ship the car. You ask permission from yourself and you don’t need to ask anyone’s permission.  However, I did need the third (3rd) Power of Attorney because I didn’t have my Original Title to my vehicle.  Why is that?

A Little Bit of Drama, Worthy of a Korean Drama Scene!

I realized this would be an extra pain, so I paid off my loan and asked for my Title.  Its mine and I want it right now!  However, I realized afterward that they didn’t email it to me directly.

The bank participated in the annoying electronic vehicle title program meaning they emailed the title of the vehicle to the Vehicle Registration Office of the State that was my home of record.  This meant my vehicle registration was lost.

Cargo Shipping Ship On Sea.

Hope My Car Doesn't Get Sea Sick! Hold On!

The registration office processed the title and two weeks later, mailed it to an address that was on their file.  My home of record was in Tacoma, Washington state.  They mailed my Vehicle Title to a place I had not lived at for over 5 years!

After an overseas phone call from me, they sent another one to the shipping company's address.  You need the original vehicle title to be with the car shipping company.  After they get the car on their boat, then they will mail the original vehicle title to you, because you will need that to claim ownership of the vehicle when it gets to destination port, in my case South Korea’s port.

However, for some reason, the vehicle title was returned back to the Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) as undeliverable.  The VRO said I could pick it up myself but unfortunately for me, I was living in Korea and I couldn’t just hop on a plane to the VRO to pick up the title.

Time was being wasted trying to get the vehicle title to the vehicle shipping company.  I was renting a car on a monthly basis, and the longer it took to get the vehicle title to the shipping company, the longer it was going to be for the car to get to me.

Night Time At A Shipping Port.

Night Time At A Shipping Port. Looks Like A Zombie Scene About To Happen.

I didn’t have a place in the United States at that moment because I was living and working in Korea, so the vehicle title was going to the wrong place.  To bypass the wait of getting my vehicle ownership title sent to Korea, I decided on the third Power of Attorney.

The third "Power of Attorney" came in handy.  I had the "Power of Attorney" authorizing someone from the shipping company to go to the Vehicle Registration Office and pick up the Official Vehicle Title to my vehicle.  This Power of Attorney saved me extra days for the Vehicle Registration Office to re-process another title and to mail it.  Another vehicle title that would be lost in the mail.

This is where this post will end.   Intermission.  This is a great time to grab a cup of coffee, soda, sandwich and read part 2.  We go over shipping and picking up your vehicle.  

Cute Asian Girl And Her Dog.

A Photo Moment With Her Dog.

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Top 9 Reasons To Visit Lotte World Mall Tue, 01 Jan 2019 03:40:33 +0000

It Isn't Because of the Bathrooms...

Lotte World Mall Night View

Beautiful View of Lotte World Mall, Lotte World Tower

Lotte World Mall (Hangul: 롯데월드몰) is a shopping mega-uber mall found in Songpa District, Seoul, South Korea.  Lotte World Mall had its grand opening in October 2014, two years before Lotte World Tower was completed in October 2016.  Lotte World Mall is located next to Lotte World Tower.
Address: Lotte World Mall, 929, Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea 138-240.

Lotte World Mall Lotte Hi Mart

Lotte Hi Mart Is A Haven For Tech Gadget Collectors. I Could Spent a Few Hours Browsing This Area.

Lotte World Mall is a collection of the department store, duty-free shop, Lotte Aquarium, Himart (electronic goods store), concert hall, and cinema.  This low-rise building surrounds parts of Lotte World Tower.

It is your typical super mega mall.  You can buy just about anything within the mall without having to leave the building.  Theoretically, you can live, work, play, and eat within that small Seoul city block and never see any other parts of Korea.

Lotte World Mall

Lotte World Mall

Toy Box Store

Lotte World Mall Toy Box

Upon entering the Mall I was awe-struck.  It was a quest trying to find a bathroom, but that’s to be expected when you are in a super mega mall.  I got my step walking during my walk through Lotte World Mall.  Finding a bathroom is easier and less urgent when you don’t have to go to the bathroom.

Lotte Cinema

Lotte Cinema Charlotte Private Theater

Lotte Aquarium

Lotte Aquarium Beluga Whale Zone

Nearby Lotte World Mall is a man-made lake and the Lotte World Outdoor Amusement park.  The park is located in the middle of that lake.  A bridge and passageway takes you to and from the park.

Getting to Lotte World Mall by train is easy.  The mall, train station, Lotte World Tower, Lotte Hotel are all interconnected.  Get off Jamsil train station and follow the directions that are located just about everywhere.  The instructions are written in Korean, English, sometimes Chinese or Japanese.

Lotte World Mall Duty Free Shop

Lotte World Mall Duty Free Shop

Concert Hall at Lotte World Mall

Lotte World Mall Concert Hall

This was my first visit to Lotte World Mall, but after being there, I had a feeling that I could spend the entire day there and wouldn’t need to go anywhere else to shop, eat, and play.

Generally, I have nothing to complain about except it is a bit annoying having to walk everywhere to get somewhere.  I guess that is just a part of what to expect when you visit Super Mega Mall and not having super speed power.  Now all they need is to place mini taxis inside the mall, Go Kart mini taxis.

8 Top Reasons To Visit Lotte World Mall

Location of Avenuel in Lotte World Mall

1. Avenuel

Shops are open 10:30 to 20:00 (Closes 20:30 on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays)
Restaurants are open 10:30 to 22:00 (Make appointments before 21:00 for anything past 21:00)

Avenuel is located on B1F – 6F.  Containing the most extensive and trendiest contemporary fashions, Avenuel is a shopping mecca for shoppers with money looking for luxury brands.  Did you know that 20 brands made their debut at Lotte World Mall?  They must have taken lessons from SMTown Entertainment because the luxury shopping complex has also enticed over 970 brands to sell their products at the mall. 

B1F is Cosmetics and Shoes – Chanel, Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown, Helena&Kristie, and more.
1F is Luxury Boutique – Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Colombo, Fendi, and more.
2F is Luxury Watch/Jewelry & Luxury Fashion – Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Versace, and more.
3F is Luxury Fashion – Kenzo, Maxmara, Moschino, Armani Collezioni, Sonia Rykiel, and more.
4F is Men’s – Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Armani Collezioni, Polo Ralph Lauren, and more.
5F is Contemporary – System, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Maje, Beaker, Club Monaco, and more.
6F is Premium Food & Living – Peck, TWG Tea, Crystal Jade Jiang Nan, Novel Café, Ace Avenue, and more.

Lotte Duty Free Shop Location

2. Lotte Duty Free Shop

Open year round 09:00 to 20:30

LOTTE DUTY-FREE Shop currently holds the claim as the largest duty-free store in Korea, the 2nd largest in Asia, and 3rd largest in the world.

8F is Luxury Boutique/Eyewear/Liquour, Tobacco/Korean Goods
9F is Cosmetics/Luxury Watches/Fashion Accessories/Electronics

Lotte World Shopping Mall

3. Lotte World Shopping Mall

Open 10:30 to 22:00

If you are looking for a food court that offers eats from all over the world, then the International Market Street is the place for you.  You will find Korea, Chinese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Japanese, Western foods here.

There are 6 Food Streets divided into a theme.  There is the Cafe street, 29 Street, Hong Ground, Seoul Seoul 3080, Avenuel, and All For You

B1F is Young Peoples Fashion/Food Court
1F is Global Fashion / Fashion Accessories / Café Street / CONNECT TO (Toyota Motors Korea)
2F is Global Fashion / Women’s Wear / Fashion Accessories
3F is Sports and Leisure / Men’s Wear / Hong Ground Food Court
4F is Kids / Life Style / Book Store / Seafood and Lobster Buffet
5 – 6F is Seoul Seoul 3080 – contains restaurants, snacks, fast foods, café.
5 – 6F 29 Street has World Restaurant, Fashion, Beauty and Aesthetic Spa

Lotte Hi Mart in Lotte World Mall

4. Lotte Hi Mart

Open 10:30 to 22:00 year round except when the lotte world shopping mall is closed.

Hi-Mart is a place where tech gadgeteers can stare at the latest technology.  It is where tech-savvy people can scratch their heads at all the tech on display.

3F – a shopping mall of high-tech gadgets, electronics, home appliances and other digital products.

Lotte Mart in Lotte World Mall

5. Lotte Mart – Top 4 Reasons To Go There

Open 10:00 to 23:00, closed twice each month; 2nd and 4th Sundays

B2F to B1F – a shopping mall of fresh foods, children’s store called Toy Box, organic foods, Cosmetics.  The store sells high quality fresh groceries everyday.  A food court with a wide selection of foods. The Mart is divided into zones:
Toy Box – toys for children. Poror, Sylvanian, Disney, Gymboree, Bandai, etc
Foreigner Zone – Organic healthy foods, and Korean foods that you can give as gifts.
Healthy Food Zone – healthy foods. Brands like Cheongkwanjang sell green tea, red ginseng, vitamins, etc.
Cosmetic Zone sells brands like the Nature Republic, The Face Shop, Missha, Beyond, Skin Food, Etude, Tony Moly etc.

Lotte Cinema in Lotte World Mall

6. Lotte Cinema – Top 5 Reasons To Go There

Hours of operation will depend on movie showings.  But open year round.

The Lotte Cinema is the largest theater in Asia, and that would make it the largest movie cinema in South Korea.  It has placed new visual and audio experiences for movie goers.  There are five types of movie theaters found here:

Super Plex G – It has one of the widest movie screen in Korea (34m x 13.8m), a 4K Quad Projecting System, and Dolby Atmos Array Sound System.
Super Sound – standard movie screen and a Dolby Atmos Array Sound System.
Super 4D – the largest 4D experience theater in Korea.  It uses special effects like water, wind, lightning, and fog to create a realistic movie experience.
CineFamily – A theater to enjoy movies with your friends and family. The seats are very comfortable and spacious.  You will be paying a premium price for a movie ticket here.
Charlotte, Charlotte Private – a premium rental theater for only several people at a time.  It has an exclusive lounge, ticket box, etc. The price is very premium.

Lotte Aquarium in Lotte World Mall

7. Lotte Aquarium – Top 5 Reasons To Go There

Open Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 20:00 (no admission after 19:00)
Open Friday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00 (no admission after 21:00)

B2F – B1F – The Lotte World Aquarium contains 13 themes filled with all kinds of marine life from the world's Five Oceans.  It offers one of the the best viewings and close-ups with the aquatic species.

River Ecology – Has Korea’s longest indoor underwater tunnel. You will see many different kinds of fish here, from the freshwater fish found in Korea to the fishes that swim in the Amazon.
Sea Lion – An underwater escalator tunnel allows you to see sea lions and seals as you go up to the next floor.
Beluga Whale – meet the beluga whale and feel the love for these creatures.
Jellyfish club – there is a jellyfish research lab for children and adults to learn about jellyfish.  These science education programs will turn the children into marine experts.  Too bad they will forget about it as soon as they see the Sharks.
Shark Canyon – the shark water tank is 25m and the underwater tunnel is 85m.  You will see divers inside the water tank throughout the day.  The tank contains the ocean’s marine creatures and sharks.  No Great White sharks allowed here.

Vineyard Concert Hall in Lotte World Mall

8. Concert Hall – Top 4 Reasons To Go There

Hours of operation depends on performance schedule.

8 – 10F The Vineyard concert hall has performers and musicians that perform throughout the year.  The concert hall has the latest technology installed that optimizes the listener's experience.

The performance stage is in the middle of the concert hall.  The seats surround the stage so when the sounds are played, it goes from the center of the concert hall outwards.  You will get the best sound acoustics effects.
The Sound System is considered one of the best acoustic experiences to listen to.  Yashuhisa Toyota from Nagata Acoustics was involved with the design of the Sound system.
The Box in Box construction was used in order to control the noise from the floor, walls and ceiling.  This creates one of the most memorable sound acoustic experiences during a performance.
There is a pipe organ with a massive 4,958 pipe, 68 stop pipe organ built in it.  I don’t know what that means, but it sounds like it has a lot of pipes.

Avenuel Luxury Shopping in Lotte World Mall

My Wallet Isn't That Big.

Lotte World Mall is the hub for the best in food, entertainment, shopping, and fashion.  After spending the day at Lotte World Mall, I went from being a lost buffoon to a totally awesome mall walker. Now I am able to find two locations inside Lotte World Mall, the Lotte Cinema and a bathroom.

Cute Moment of Asian Girl and Her Puppy

A Photo Moment With A Her Puppy

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The 9th reason is you!  You want to see the world and experience life.  Visit Korea.

It is you that keeps us motivated to stay up late through the night burning the candles while writing these awesome content.  This was a “Top 9 Reasons To Visit Lotte World Mall", by Gyopo Oppa. Sarang Haey Yo!  See You Next Time! Fighting!

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Coex Mall – Popular Tourist Destination to Go Shopping in Seoul When You Visit Korea Fri, 28 Dec 2018 23:49:28 +0000

Shopping, Eating, Entertainment In One Place.  You Won't Know Its Winter During December.

Starfield COEX Mall Entrance to Starfield COEX Library

Yes! The Entrance to Starfield COEX Mall. Time to Get Out of Cold.

COEX Mall is considered the largest underground shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea. The super-gigantic-enormous mall is located in Gangnam central, at the intersection of Teheranno and Yeongdong Dae-ro, with the Seoul Metro Line Number 2 stopping at Samseong Station which connects to COEX Mall. Samseong Station is only 3 stops away from Jamsil Station, Jamsil Station connects directly to Lotte World.

The COEX Center hosts over 200 exhibitions and over several thousand international events each year. My favorite is the Seoul Auto Salon. The COEX houses the COEX Mall and everything of the COEX MICE. This includes the hotels, tourist attractions, shopping mall, entertainment areas, etc.

The mall is also known as Starfield COEX Mall and contains just about everything a tourist would need. You never need to leave the mall, there is so much to see and do. It is a one-stop mall that will cater to everyone's tastes.

COEX Mall Mega Box Official Marvel Store

Official Marvel Store Enter 6. Has Nice Marvel Merchandise. Bring Extra Cash.

The mall contains the COEX Aquarium, South Korea’s largest Aquarium containing over 40,000 creatures from some 650 species. Also located inside the COEX Mall is convention centers, exhibition halls, stores, restaurants, playground, boutiques, a movie theater, video game center, serving as a complete food, entertainment and cultural area for tourists and locals alike. Inside the COEX Mega Box theater is the Official Marvel Store, with a life size figure of Iron Man greeting you at the entrance!

It is rumored that Korean celebrities often shop at the COEX Mall. You will know it when you see a crowd of young fans following them with their telephoto DSLR cameras. 

If you are lucky, you will meet a famous Korean celebrity or celebrities holding autograph sessions. TV broadcasts are also filmed at the COEX Mall, making the place where shopping and eating is just the beginning.

It has an area of over 154,000 square meters, 144,000 square meters of it is on one single underground floor located beneath Samsung-dong Trade Centre. This makes it one of the world’s largest underground shopping mall. The gigantic-enormous shopping mall goes from Samseong station to north, reaching Bongeunsa Temple, all underground.

COEX Mall Vietnamese Cuisine Restaurant

Koreans Waiting To Eat Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine.  Restaurants Are Packed.

I found it challenging to choose where to eat due to the sheer numbers of restaurant choices there was. Yes, there are that many restaurants located inside the COEX Mall. No joke.

I saw Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Western-style restaurants as well as fast food, Pizza Hut, Cold Stone Creamery, cafes and more. You can dine and enjoy traditional Korean cuisine to fast foods. The Hyundai Department Store’s food courts located in the basement also connects to the COEX Mall.

Locating a digital navigation guide map showing you where you are inside the mall is something you will need to use. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find places like the movie theater, COEX Mall and COEX Aquarium. Handily, these navigation aids are placed strategically throughout the mall.

Walking about the COEX Mall has an upscale feel.  Perhaps its because the Seoul Parnas hotel and InterContinental Seoul COEX hotel is located very close by. The IHG Seoul COEX hotel connects directly to the COEX Mall from its lobby area. Seoul Parnas hotel also links to it from underground as well as from street level, going to the mall's front main entrance and side entrances.

COEX Mall Underground Stores

This Part of the Mall Felt Peaceful.  Did I Mention I Am Still Underground?  

If entertainment is what you are looking for, then head over to the events area, where concerts, performances, and celebrity visits are staged. Check out the bookstore, Mega Box movie theater, COEX aquarium, duty-free shops and a casino named “Seven Luck Casino”, for those that have an itch for gambling.

When I was at the Casino, I saw many Thai, Indonesians, and Chinese gambling at the place.  The casino connects underground directly to the mall by elevator and stairs. If reading is your thing, then visit the Starfield Library located inside Starfield COEX Mall and enjoy a quiet time reading your favorite book or magazine.

For those seeking traditional Korean crafts, the Haneol Craft store is located in the COEX Mall.  The store carries traditional Korean handmade crafts.

Starfield COEX Mall Library Store.

Starfield COEX Mall Library Store. I Would Want My Personal Library to Have This Look. How Do They Get Books That Are On the Middle Shelves?

Realistically, you can do all your shopping, eating, and entertainment without leaving the COEX Mall. That really is great during the cold winter months of South Korea.

For those that are KPop fanatics, located right next door to the Starfield COEX Mall is the recently opened COEX Artium SMTown Museum.  It showcases SM Entertainment’s Korean Hallyu Wave KPop culture success.

The COEX complex has become a vital business pillar in Seoul for businesses, government, tourists, and locals.  The place attracts thousands upon thousands of visitors each day, bringing in a steady stream of business.

The COEX Mall is definitely one of Gangnam’s top shopping mecca destinations, a must visit for those in Seoul Korea.  Be sure to visit the COEX Mall when you come to South Korea!  Perhaps, I will see you, and we can greet each other.

Directions: Samseong Station (Take Seoul Subway Line 2) Exit 5 or 6. Samseong Station has an exit that takes you straight to COEX Mall. If you get off at Bongeunsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 9)leave Exit 6, Cross the road and walk left (south) for 120 m to get to COEX Mall.

Address: Center of Central Plaza, Starfield COEX Mall, B1-1F, 513, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Asian Girl and Her Cute Puppy.

Asian Girl and Her Cute Puppy Looking At Each Other.

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