Hanteo Chart Issues Official Statement On Twice Sajaegi Accusations

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Korean netizens accused TWICE of sajaegi after finding a suspicious surge in sales for their latest song, ‘Eyes Wide Open.’ Since then, Hanteo Chart has issued a statement on charges being targeted against the girl group.

On October 28, a Korean netizen posted screenshots of TWICE’s album sales and pointed out the suspicious rapid growth that had taken place. They first note how TWICE sold about 100,000 albums during the first week of sales since ‘KNOCK KNOCK.’ However, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ sold 80,000 copies in just a minute. They say that the jump is too big from their records, and thus the girls have been committing sajaegi.



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The netizen also commented about on other TWICE songs that had unexpected jumps on the charts as a result of their album sales. They reported that ‘Fancy You’ unexpectedly sold 20,000 copies a day, making them leap higher than BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love.’ Because of this jump of sales, the netizen accused the girls of sajaegi.


Hanteo Chart Releases Statement Concerning TWICE Sajaegi Accusations

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What does sajaegi mean? In the South Korean music industry, sajaegi is when a business or performer is uses unethical and immoral tactics to raise their ranks in music charts. This is achieved in various ways, such as purchasing their own CDs or using bots or machine farms to download and or stream their songs to help them get up in the music charts.

Korean netizens were persuaded that TWICE had done this by purchasing their own album in bulk, and that a lot of malicious and slanderous comments and posts had been made about the band.

Since then, Hanteo Chart has issued a statement clarifying that TWICE has not committed sajaegi and has not taken any steps to exploit the maps. It seems that the business has received a variety of enquiries surrounding TWICE and their unexpected spike in album sales.

Here reads their statement,


Hanteo Chart Releases Statement Concerning TWICE Sajaegi Accusations

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“Hello, how are you doing? This is the Hanteo Charts.

We analyzed the data in detail and have verified that their album sales were obtained from over 20 different countries.

Resulting from these allegations, numerous malicious, defamatory, and degrading accusations and rumors have been made. The distribution of unconfirmed information, the production of malicious rumours, and/or the slander of a single person or party is severely unlawful.

The post we’re talking about can have negative impacts and damage the artist, the fandoms, and the workers in their company. We don’t think these negative consequences deserves to happen to anybody.

We have gathered evidence from both of us along with data from our internal testing committee. We are planning to take strong legal action alongside our legal team.

We are planning to take stringent legal action against these misleading posts and practices in order to improve the future of K-pop. We kindly ask all users for their help and collaboration to make the K-pop community even more beautiful.

In addition, Hanteo Map will publish the data by gathering information from about 1,000 offline stores and online stores. Please note that there will be distinction between the findings of the Hanteo Map and other music charts.

Thank you.


Hanteo Chart.”


With that statement, the girl group has been cleared of all allegations of sajaegi. It also appears that legal action will be taken against the Korean netizen who made these accusatory posts and by those who distributed the bogus material.

What do you think about this situation?


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