Is The American Express Hilton Aspire Card Worth The $450 Annual Fee?

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Nice Standard Hotel Room.

My Hilton Aspire Credit Card Experience And Perks Review

On September 2018, I decided to go visit Seoul.  I live about 1 hour from Seoul and I had a good reason to go to Seoul.  I was meeting a friend that I haven't seen for over 10 years.  

I wanted to stay in Seoul that weekend but didn't want to spend any money to stay at a hotel.  I finally looked at the American Express Aspire Card that was buried in my wallet.

It was about time that I took a closer look at my American Express Hilton Aspire Card.  It is an American Express card linked to the Hilton Honors member program that I had applied for the card back in January 2018, the first month it came out.  

It was considered to be the next hotel travel card that would set new standards.  I decided it was about time to use the card and see what new standards it would set.

The card has many perks that appealed to many people, including me. There was one benefit that I wanted to use that I had received from the Hilton Aspire Card, staying one night free certificate.  It allows the account holder to stay one weekend night for free.  To get this benefit, you have to use the certificate on a friday, saturday or sunday.

I intended on staying for two nights.  Luckily, I had additional points to use.  I wasn't spending money for this stay.   Call me shameless, I don't care.

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American Express Hilton Aspire Card

I called the customer representative number exclusive for Hilton Aspire Credit Card Holders, 1-800-446-6677.  I pressed number 5 to get to the customer representative, and I explained my desire for a hotel stay as a Hilton Aspire card holder.

She transferred me to the reservation department, and a few minutes later I was talking to a reservation customer representative.  I began to feel like a rich Korean Chaebol kid at this point.

A reservation customer representative began talking on the phone and started with a hello.

I expressed my spoiled rich kid's wish to use the reward certificate to stay in Seoul that Saturday.  I was also logged into my Hilton Aspire Account and looking at the hotels I wanted to stay at.  I told her that my first choice was the Millenium Hotel, but the customer representative said that the hotel didn't participate in the free reward certificate on that day.

I almost threw a tantrum, but controlled myself.

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Nice Sunrise To Wake Up To Every Morning In Seoul, South Korea.

The only hotel that had participation was the Conrad Hotel, and it was for Sunday to Monday.  Well, I needed a hotel today, which was Saturday.  She looked on her computer screen and said only Conrad Hotel was participating in the reward night certificate.  Guess I should have known, cause most or some hotels do not accept last minute reward night certificate rewards.

The customer representative said that I could use the reward night certificate for standard room rates only for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  This was perfect because I wanted to stay at a hotel from Saturday to Monday.

Happily, I realized that I had a reservation at the Conrad Hotel.  I couldn't wait and had feelings of anticipation.  This was going so well.  I was going to meet my friend after all.

To stay there saturday to sunday, I decided to use points since I had a lot of them.  She said she would be able to book me Saturday to Sunday at the same hotel I was using the reward night certificate on.  So, I stayed saturday to sunday with points and sunday to monday with the free night certificate.

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Use The Card To Stay At The Lotte World Hotel Signiel!

Important Information About Using the Free Weekend Certificate

If I didn't show up to use the certificate on Sunday:

1. My Hilton Aspire credit card will get charged a standard room rate.
2. The reward night certificate gets credited back to my Hilton Aspire Account.

NOTE: I had until Sunday, midnight to cancel or modify without any penalties by calling 1-800-446-6677.

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Sunset In Seoul, South Korea. There Is Always Another Sunrise Tomorrow!

Back To My Reservation

The reservation customer service representative put me on hold for a few minutes, and when she came back on the phone, a confirmation number was sent to my email address.  She gave me the confirmation number over the phone also.

I asked her when I could check in and it was 4PM.  Also, I was given free complimentary breakfast and a free Category Room Upgrade upon check-in since I was a Hilton Aspire Diamond Member.

So, I reserved a hotel night stay using points on the same day I needed the hotel stay and used the reward night certificate for the next day.  Pretty awesome I think.  I began to feel like a Korean Chaebol rich kid.  Thanks Conrad Hotel Seoul and Hilton Aspire!

Long story short, I stayed at the hotel, met my friend I haven't seen for 10 years and had a great time.  It was one of those times that makes me realize how short life is and things i take for granted.  Like breathing.

Is The Hilton Aspire Card Worth It?

Yes.  But friendship is way more valuable.

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Asian Girl And Her Puppy Together For A Photo Shoot

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