Jay Park Plans To Create an Idol Group Upon His Retirement


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Jay Park

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Jay Park has announced what he plans to do following his departure from the music scene.

The male idol recently shot an episode of MBC’s ‘Radio King’ talk show scheduled for airing today, Wednesday, November 4, at KST. A teaser of the episode was posted to MBC Entertainment’s official YouTube channel on November 3.

During the chat, Jay Park announced that he expects to retire after two years, as planned, from the singer who has been in the K-Pop industry since 2008. He also listed the struggles he faced when sustaining his job and operating his entertainment agency. He also revealed that he would like to learn and create an idol group based on his experience and accomplishments as a member of the K-Pop group and as a solo artist.

Jay Park has discussed his departure from the music scene many times before in a number of talk shows. He also posted a track clip named ‘Encore’ with a caption that states, “This word truly foretells departure. It means that one can retire without regrets because they did their thing.”

In a talk show, the idol said that he often wonders how long it takes to try not to spotlight someone. He also said The justification I have been doing this all this time is that I thought of spreading some of the light with other idols, and this job is fun. I like things like that – if somebody’s life can transform because of me.”


Jay Park

(Photo : Jay Park Official Facebook Account)


Park joined the K-Pop industry on 4 September 2008 when he appeared as a member of JYP Entertainment’s 2PM Boy Group. In addition to engaging in his community events, he also served as a frequent cast member at numerous entertainment shows, including ‘Introducing a Star’s Mate’ and ‘Star King’ in 2009. In the same year, he also hosted a cultural variety show called ‘Nodaji.’

On September 8, 2009, only a year after his emergence as a 2PM member, Jay Park revealed that he would leave the boy group and the organization after the uproar over him, saying hate remarks about Korea that had been discovered on his personal Myspace site. After his departure, 2PM continued to be a six-member party.


Jay Park

(Photo : Jay Park Official Twitter Account)


Park then became a part of the Seattle-based B-boy crew called Art of Action. On March 15, 2010, the idol formed his own YouTube channel called ‘jayparkaom’ and uploaded its first material, ‘Nothin’ on You,’ initially sung by American rapper B.o.B. The video went viral with more than 2 million views.

In July 2010, he joined SidusHQ and re-started as a solo artist. His first mini-album ‘Take a Closer Look’ was released in 2011. Since then he has released tracks and songs, as well as taken part in recording the original soundtracks of numerous Korean dramas.

In 2013, Jay Park formed the hip-hop and R&B record label AOMG, home to a variety of musical artists such as Loco, Hoody, Simon Dominic, Lee Hi, Gray and several others.

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