Legal Battle with Former Girlfriend Finally Ends for Kim Hyun Joong

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In August 2014, the actor’s ex-girlfriend presented evidence to support her accusations of violence and emotional torture. She also said that the actor had repeatedly beaten her, suffering bruises and fractured ribs. The K-pop singer immediately refuted the charges that he had only injured Choi once and that it was a mishap that occurred when he was rehearsing combative shooting strategies.

Choi dropped a portion of the allegations against the performer in September after issuing a public apology. However he was later fined $4,510 for injuring her. While he had no intention of injuring her, the bruises were ample reason to charge him, according to the lawyers.

Fortunately, the charge was later repealed in 2016, when the court convicted the singer on the basis that Choi’s allegations had been denied. These include text messages, statements made by the head of Dispatch (the newspaper Choi gave her evidence) and statements made by the clinics.

In February 2015, the magazine announced that Joong and Choi had come together and that they would have a boy. But once again the former shared, via a public statement, that he had not seen Choi after she had announced to him that she was pregnant in January and could not confirm that he was a father.

In May 2015, Choi filed another charge against him, calling for $1.48 million for emotional and mental torture while in a relationship. She also added that the mistreatment of the singer induced a miscarriage in 2014.

Kim also sued and won a $90,201 counter-suit against her for tarnishing her reputation, when the court found in favor of the singer because there was not enough proof of the supposed pregnancy. And after the complaint was dropped, Choi still continued to lodge an appeal.

In December 2015, the paternity test confirmed that Joong was the father of her child, who was born in September 2015. Once again, the prosecutors filed criminal charges against Choi for attempted bribery and defamation in January 2017. She was fined $4,510 in February 2018.

On Thursday, Nov. 12, the Supreme Court ordered Choi to pay $90,201 for damages to the star. The court eventually ruled on the grounds of the first and second preliminary trials, in which testimony challenged the charges of ill-treatment resulting in miscarriage.

And if it was eventually over the five-year litigation had caused serious ruining harm to the public reputation of the star and had destroyed his career. As a result, his ex-girlfriend was left accountable for defamation.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong recently made his debut on Oct. 19 with his studio album, “A Bell Of Blessing.” Previously, the singer captivated the crowd with his original songs, such as At the Stand,” “WHY” and “HAZE.” Fans were really receptive in the feelings and messages communicated by the singer.

On Feb. 5, he also released a full-length Japanese album named “The Sky, The Sun and Your Music,” which debuted at No. 3 on Oricon Daily Albums Chart and No. 4 on Oricon Weekly Albums Chart. He also went on a two-month (February and March) Japan tour. He was featured on the cover of the Korean Wave Japanese publication Hanryu Pia for the fourth time on Feb. 21.

Fans are delighted that Kim Hyun Joong’s legal troubles have been settled and that he can finally resume his career again!

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