Seoul Tower. Everything You Need To Know To Have A Memorable Experience.

First Time to N Seoul Tower? Or Second? Our Complete Guide Will Make You Want To Go Back To Seoul Tower. We Can Dream, Can't We?

View of Seoul Tower On the Walk Trail

N Seoul Tower.  I remember it from one of the most popular Korean drama TV series to ever broadcast in Korea, “Boys Over Flowers.”  In my opinion, Korean drama shows like this set the momentum for the “Hallyu Wave.”

From that point onward, many Korean drama movie lovers, tourists, locals and couples have been visiting Seoul Tower, an iconic landmark attraction in Seoul.  I included.

Interesting Facts of Seoul Tower.

The N Seoul Tower (Korean: N서울타워), is officially called the YTN Seoul Tower and commonly known as the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower from visitors and tourists.

It is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. Broadcasting signals for popular media stations like KBS and SBS it is more than that today.

An iconic landmark symbol of South Korea, the tower overlooks the city of Seoul. N Seoul Tower is built at the highest point on Namsan Mountain.

Namsan Mountain: Is 243m / 797 ft high from sea level
N Seoul Tower: Is 236.7 m / 777 ft high from Namsan Mountains Top. The towers body is 135.7 m / 445 ft and the steel tower is 101 m / 332 ft high. This brings N Seoul Tower to a total of 236.7 m / 777 ft high.
Total Elevation: The top of Namsan Seoul Tower is located 479.7m / 1,574ft above sea level.

The Three Ways To Get To Seoul Tower.

There are three ways to visit Namsan Tower.  You can take the Namsan Cable Car, ride on the shuttle bus or Seoul City Tour Bus, or hike up the mountain.  Either way, it will be an excellent experience.

Namsan Cable Car Station

The most beautiful and exhilarating way to go up Namsan Mountain to N Seoul Tower is to take the Seoul Tower Cable Car. It’s also known as Namsan Cable Car Station. The cable wires go from Namsan Cable Car Station to N Seoul Tower, and the cable car takes you straight up Namsan Mountain. It provides one of the most spectacular view of Seoul. The ride ends at the Namsan Cable Car Station up at the park with wooden decks.  Up at the top, you will get stunning, panoramic views of the surrounding Namsan Park and Seoul city, so bring your camera.

N Seoul Tower and Namsan Park have point-to-point trails located near Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.  These trails take you from Namsan Park to N Seoul Tower and vice versa.  Anyone can hike up to Namsan Seoul Tower and back down to Seoul’s city streets.  Walking up to Namsan Tower is popular and fun to do, but the cable car is available for those wanting a spectacular view from up high.

Bus Station At The Top Of Namsan Mountain., Near Seoul Tower

Or take the bus.  

The Walk Up To And At The Top Of Seoul Tower Offers Spectacular Views.

Views of Seoul From Seoul Tower

Seoul has many viewing platforms placed throughout its parks and attractions. Visitors can enjoy the daytime or nighttime cityscapes and view the Hangang River. However, N Seoul Tower’s Digital Observatory offers a panoramic 360-degree view of Seoul city.

The N Seoul Tower Observatory gives a high vantage point for tourists to get amazing panoramic views of the city of Seoul at day or night.

It also has 36 LCD screens that exhibit the 600 years of South Korea’s history.

Visitors will have to pay a ticket to go up to the observatory.

Seoul Tower's Love Locks Tree And Fence. Leave A Bit Of Love.

Seoul Towers Love Locks Tree and Fence

N Seoul Tower has also become a romantic getaway date for couples.  Thanks to Korean Dramas like “Boys Over Flowers”, couples go up to tower and on the Roof Terrace before entering Seoul Tower, they can buy a “Love Lock” and lock it to the fence.  

Thousands of these locks are already there, several hundred pounds of “romantic metal.”  The key is thrown away, declaring the couples love for one another.  Has any of these couples dreams come true?  

Now, only if they did a Korean variety tv show about that.  How many of the couples got married to one another?  Are they living happily?  I would sit down and watch that show if it ever came out. KBS? SBS?  Are any Korean media stations starting a variety show with “Love Locks” as the theme?  Would you watch that show?


Do You Know Why N Seoul Tower Has Different Colored Lights?

The Real Reason Why Seoul Tower Has Different Color Lights

The reason why Seoul Tower has different colors at night is to inform the public about the air pollution quality. The colors indicate the air quality.

Red: The public and tourists are advised to be cautious and spend time indoors.

Green: The public and tourists are advised to be safe and possibly wear air filtration masks. You know, the ones that KPOP celebrities wear? When its green, that’s a great time to go visit SM Town Museum and buy one its store.

Blue: Just the right air quality. Spend as much time as you can.

How many people actually follow this alert? If the air quality was bad only in Korea, then the lack of caring would be a puzzle. But many, many cities across the world have bad and even worse air quality. Just type in “cities with bad air quality in the world.” You will see countries Poland, Korea, China, Vietnam, United States, Israel, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia. You can’t say its Korea or China because of “Yellow Dust.”


ADDRESS:  105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan 2(i)ga-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
ADDRESS in KOREAN:  서울특별시 용산구 용산2가동 남산공원길 105
PHONE:  +82 2-3455-9277

Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday: 10AM – 11PM
Saturday: 10AM – 12PM
Sunday: 10AM – 11PM


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