Your Luggage. Storage, Delivery, Traveling With and Buying a New One in South Korea.

Inspired To Travel.  Having Fun and Capturing Good Memories, Luggage Included.

Pulling Luggage At Airport

Got To Get To Where I Am Going.

My Luggage and I.

After several years of travel due to my employment, my once happy luggage started showing signs of abuse.

Not by me, I love my luggage and never abuse it.  The culprits were the luggage handlers.  From their constant abuse, the wheels and the corners of my luggage were torn.

It began to be very difficult dragging my trusty luggage around because one wheel refused to turn.  When I was pulled it around, it made loud commotions, causing head turns from annoyed travelers.

Thus I bought a sturdy military-tough luggage.  But those luggage handlers are great at what they do, damaging luggage.  As a result, my brand new luggage had holes around the corners, from just one trip!

A Simple Trip That Turned Into A Life Lesson

KTX in Korea

KTX in Korea

This trip made me realized the struggles of taking luggage on trips and vacations.  If this post helped you, why not subscribe to our email or better yet, subscribe to our Youtube channel.  Anyway, back to the post.

I planned a 15 day vacation trip to Seoul.  I planned on several tourist itineraries without the use of a tour guide.  I left my condominium in Pyeongtaek and drove my car to Seoul.  Why you may ask?  

I wanted the freedom of starting whenever and wherever I wanted, so I decided to visit places by myself and made reservations to 8 different hotels because I wanted to see the quality of these hotels.

These hotels were located North, Center, East, and West of Seoul with miles of distance between them.  

I was not taking a train or bus to Seoul, and I was driving my car.  Neither would I be riding on public transportation, taxis or renting a car to get around Seoul.  After the vacation, these were the lessons I learned from the vacation.

My Luggage Lesson - So What Was The Lesson Learned?

  1. I was taking too many luggage to different hotels over a short period of time.  It was taking two or more trips to bring the luggage to the hotel room.  It was monotonously  boring and physically tiring.

Convenience versus the inconvenience of carrying the luggage.

I realized that it was very cumbersome taking my luggage around.  I would drive to the hotels and have to take out the carryon, camera gear, and main luggage up to the hotel lobby.  Then take the luggage to the hotel room.

Most hotels in Seoul, like the IHG Seoul COEX and Conrad Hotel, has its own built in underground parking areas.  I would have to drive to the underground parking areas, look for a spot, and take out my luggage.

Then I would have to find the hotel's elevator to the main lobby.  After checking in, take the luggage up to the room.  Rinse and repeat this 7 more times.  OMG!

At the third hotel, I realized that it was very inconvenient, because I was making two trips, one to the lobby and the second to the hotel room.

If you're Thinking Of Dragging Your Luggage In The Trains and Buses

gimpo international airport escalator

Hope You Are Ready For A Walk.

OK, try doing that while taking the KTX (train), buses and public subways.  

South Korea public transportation systems are great, but a lot of the subway stations are underground meaning you would have to go up and down the stairs to reach the underground subway and the ground surface.  

Pretty inconvenient for me.

My Advice

I would bring one luggage with necessary items and buy another luggage in Seoul.  Why?  Just hear me out.

It's one less baggage to carry, and if you plan on shopping in Seoul, you can buy another luggage in Seoul, shop and take it back home.

Buying another luggage in Seoul would be great because shopping for luggage in Seoul is a fantastic shopping experience.

There are many interesting places to shop at, and the sheer amount of different luggage choices could probably turn into another hobby for you. 

Also, don't buy cheap, go for the best you can afford!

Luggage Storage in South Korea

incheon airport subway route luggage area

Good To Know.

Luggage storage on trains in Korea
The public subway system and long distance rail trains have overhead bins to store your luggage.  The long-distance rail trains have additional dedicated places to place your luggage.  They have open space areas, shelves, and closets.

Luggage storage on buses in Korea
Airport and tourist buses have separate luggage compartments located outside the bus.  City buses have no designated large luggage compartment.  You will have to carry it up to the bus, very cumbersome to do so.  However, it's the way to go if you want to save a few dollars.

Luggage storage on taxis in Korea
Every taxis have a trunk for you to store your luggage.  If by yourself, you can use the seats.  If with two or more people, you will have to use the trunk or carry it on your lap.

Luggage storage on domestic airlines in Korea
The luggage policy on South Korea domestic airlines is different from international airlines.  You are allowed a carryon and luggage, up to a certain weight.  The luggage policy is different from international airlines because the international airlines are heavier and built for distance and power. Domestic flights are short flights and have a less carrying capacity.

Rental cars in Korea
If you can drive a car in South Korea, then rental cars may be the most convenient option.  You can use all the space in the car for luggage.  You will need an international car insurance policy.

Luggage Delivery Services in South Korea

These services will deliver your heavy luggage to your hotel from the airport or from the hotel to the airport.  No carrying around your heavy luggage, travel hands-free, and in comfort.  It's great when you want to travel the first day or last day of your trip and have the luggage meet you.  That's convenience! I'm all about comfort.  

Luggage Storage Facilities in South Korea

coin storage locker at subway station in korea

coin storage locker at subway station in korea

Luggage storage facilities are available at Incheon International Airport, Gimpo Airport, bus terminals, subway stations, hotels, and even places like department stores.

Public luggage storage facilities allow you to drop several thousand won, lock the locker, and take the key.  You pick up your luggage or items at a later time — a great place to store stuff and visit the local area.  On your way back, you grab your stuff and go.

I've used storage lockers.  No problems.

Cute Asian Girl With Her Puppy on the Grass

Cute Asian Girl With Her Puppy on the Grass

I hope this was an interesting read on the topic of luggages.  

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