Z-Boys and Z-Girls Final Members Revealed!

7 Members Fro​m 7 Asian Countries

Z-Girls Collage Image.  Credit: Zenith Media Contents

Z-Girls Collage Image. Credit: Zenith Media Contents

Z-Girls and Z-Boys, is a debuting international idol group from the launch project 'Z-Pop Dream Project'.  Both groups finally have the last 7th member.  They are, drum roll please, for Z-Girls it is Mahiro, and for Z-Boys it is Gai.  This means that their debut is closer that ever!

Way back in January 17, 2019, members of Z-Pop Dream Live in Seoul (also known as Z-Pop Dream) were revealed.  They revealed Z-Girls and Z-Boys, each would include 7 members from 7 different Asian countries around the world.  The CEO of Zenith Media Contents said that the “Z” represented the Z-Generation.

The labels, Z-Pop Dream Project’s, ambition is to unite and debut the talents at Z-POP Dream Live Seoul 2019, with collaboration from K-Pop talents.  Through the promotion of these two groups of international talents, it is hoped for continued cultural appreciation and exchanges between the Asian countries.

The CEO of Zenith Media Contents, Kang Joon, said, “Through Z-Pop Dream Live Project, we intend to start up a concert brand that will bring talents from these countries.  These Z-pop stars are a collaboration between this Asian unity and K-pop stars. We will become a platform to promote them and help them become world stars, as well as a platform where Asia can become one through cultural exchange.”

Everyone knew 6 out of 7 members from both Z-Girls and Z-Boys:
From Z-Girls - Bell, Carlyn, Joanne, Priyanka, Queen, and Vanya.
From Z-Boys - Blink, Josh, Mavin, Perry, Roy, and Sid.
Now, Zenith Media Contents has revealed the 7th members of Z-Girls and Z-Boys.

Z Boys From Z-POP Dream Project.  Credit: Photo by Zenith Media Contents.

Z Boys From Z-POP Dream Project. Credit: Photo by Zenith Media Contents.

Guess what?  They debut February 23, 2019!  If you are in South Korea, get you’re your tickets!  They are debuting at the 'Z-Pop Dream Live in Seoul 2019' concert.  Rain, Mosta X, Apink, and many other K-POP artists are also set to perform at Z-POP Dream Live Seoul in February 23, 2019.  What a way to start off Z-POP Dream Live Project!  Good thinking!

Future members of the next Z-Generation groups will be selected through a selection process using blockchains.  What is blockchain? 

Back in September 2, 2018, the Korean Herald published an article about Z-Pop Dream Project and the use of blockchain technology to find the next K-pop superstars.   Z-Pop Dream Project is a Korean global entertainment company headquartered in South Korea.  Founded and setup by Jun Kan, a veteran in the music industry, this use of the blockchain technology is expected to accelerate the discovery, selection, and debut of new talented asian superstars.

This technology is based off the Etereum blockchain platform, allowing fans of Z-PoP to vote for their favorite singers at events, auditions, award ceremonies.

The technology is being used to set up something called the “Star-creation Infrastructure,” allowing the Korean entertainment company, Z-POP Dream, to find Asian talents in initially 10 places: the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

Here is their official twitter.  https://twitter.com/zpop_official

The goal is to be able to replicate the immense success of K-Pop by bringing the knowledge of the K-PoP industry veterans to these countries and create a Z-POP culture.   Fans will have a crucial role to play.  Fans across these countries are loving it and devoting to "Stanning."

Z-POP Dream has received a lot of support, encouragement with excitement from K-POP stars like Momoland, Park Hae Jin, Delay, and Shin Hyun-Joon, just to name a few.  Z-POP will be at the forefront of the Z-Generation, uniting various Asian countries into a new form of POP, the Z-POP

There is a lot of work ahead for them if they want to fill the stadiums like SNSD, BlackPink, Red Velvet, BTS, and Gfriends.

What do you think about Zenith Media ContentsZ-POP Project?  What do you think about Z-POP?

VIDEO:  Z-Girls Hongdae Pre-Debut Before Z-POP Dream Live Seoul 2019

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